Monday, 25 April 2016

Bad Experience at Hair Salon!! *ANGRY*

Before you proceed to read this post, I'm gonna warn you first - This is going to be quite a post worth of negative complaints. 

IT'S ABOUT MY HAIR. MY HAIR, HAIR, HAIR and the salon I went to for a digital hair perm.

Just like everyone else, I did my research on reputable salons to fix my hair that had became like pig-sty hay.
Come on, you wouldn't want to step into just any salon to fix your hair, right? Reading online reviews are important, and I really do trust reviews because they are based on personal experiences.

For your info, I have been going to different salons for perming attempts throughout the years. Granted that I was able to have my hair permed successfully once in a while, the results always DID NOT turn out the way they should be.

Here's a typical scenario:

Hairdresser: *hands over a book/file that is full of different hairstyle illustrations for me to choose*
Me: *Spots a desired permed hairstyle and points to it, feeling happy that I will probably feel like a woo-lala Hollywood queen after the perm*

Hairdresser: *Nods, keeps the photos and begins working on my hair*

Before you begin saying, "Hey, everyone's hair is different and the reference picture is for illustration purposes only", I'll suggest you to continue scrolling down this entry.

What I thought my hair would look like:

What it really looked like - After my recent perm:
(Yes, don't expect me to smile in my photos)

Can you tell that I just had a perm? And this picture was taken exactly ONE day after the perm. The hair hadn't been washed as instructed.

It was a pity I did not take any "Before" photo because I hadn't expected the results to be that ridiculous. In fact, I was confident that the hairdresser would do a good job based on the HIGHLY-RAVED reviews online - with several people commenting on their positive experiences on hair perming services.

I shall not mention the name of the salon here for the time-being as I am in the midst of contacting them for some "settlement". What I can reveal now is that it is a PURE Japanese salon with solely Japanese hairdressers.  (BUT IF YOU ARE REALLY KEEN TO KNOW, YOU CAN ASK ME PERSONALLY)

As I do not speak much Japanese and vice versa (they do not speak much English), we only had very basic communication using a bit of hand signals and simple two, three-worded english words. In case you are wondering, no, they do not have any translator there and I was basically on my own.

(I felt like kicking myself for being so "Geh Kiang" - meaning 'Act-smart' by stepping into a Japanese salon when I don't know how to speak Japanese. Trust me, it was a lesson learned.)

BUT it was a very clear-cut request - I asked for digital hair perming and a fringe cut. They did as requested - but the results are just... Unjustifiable.

Can you believe that my hair seemed to look straighter than BEFORE I permed it? (I had slight curls from my past perming attempts)

I did not voice out after my perming session at the Japanese salon  because the hairdresser did everything to make my hair curl after the session. It didn't look that bad before I stepped out of the salon although I tried to ignore that sinking feeling in my stomach.

BUT the curls slowly disappeared like David Copperfield's magic in less than 2 hours.

No, I do not think that I have adopted any new hairstyle at all (other than a fringe cut that creates an obvious change in my hairstyle. I have to admit that I like the fringe cut, though.). My overall hair still felt flat, and I do not feel like I have pretty hair in any way.

"Hello everyone, I just permed my hair!! Do you like my obvious curls huh?"

AND YES - I FREAKING SPENT QUITE A SUM OF MONEY IN TRUSTING THEM WITH THE JOB. I could've stepped into any salon and paid them lesser for a better job.

After the bad experience, I tried SO, SO hard to curl my own hair at home. I used strawberry curlers, used hair maintenance products, etc but to NO avail.
To be fair, I'll show this pic of my hair in clearer view: (THIS is AFTER I've done curling myself overnight) You can still spot the straight hair all over.

And worst part?

NOBODY could tell I had a perm at all. In fact, I posted my photos onto my social media sites and MOST of my friends have told me to seek a refund or compensation because there is no way a successful perm would look like that.

To date, I have not found any FIXED salon that is able to do a proper and lasting hair perm for me. I know it all boils down to the quality of my hair and probably my hair is in such a bad state that it doesn't have the ability to hold curls anymore.

Seriously, I am thinking of setting up a challenge for local salons - 
I can't believe I am using my hair as a challenge. LOL. If you think your salon can do a better job, do let me know please. TQVM.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Birthday Celebration at British Hainan (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RESTAURANT!!)

When it comes to sourcing for ideal restaurants/cafes for birthday celebrations, I have to admit it isn't an easy task. 

Both Ah Miao and I had something in mind - To surprise our other BFF, Pei Wen, with a self-made video of us writing our own song and singing to her.

Our ideal plan was to have it played on a TV/projector screen in the midst of our dinner in a restaurant so it would take her by surprise.

For weeks, we planned on the song after work and met up for rehearsals .. to eventually recording it. It was our first time doing something like this, so we were keeping our fingers super crossed that everything would turn out smoothly!!

It was only a 3-person dinner, and we were completely clueless of which restaurant to turn to for such request.
It had been days of online researching and it seemed that there wasn't many positive results.


(Picture credit to:

I came across photographs of this unique-looking restaurant online and was eventually led to their Facebook page.

They have everything that caught my attention. From the retro theme,style to vintage decorations, it isn't difficult to be attracted. (Since I am such a retro/vintage fan myself!)

In addition, there was quite a number of highly-raved reviews from satisfied customers who posted on their page.

I decided to get in touch with the restaurant owner with my request (Honestly, I did not pin high hopes) , and waited for their reply.

Much to my pleasant surprise, I received a favorable response from the owner the next day - and YES (YES! YES!) he was willing to help us!! I was so excited that I almost cried. (HAHA)

We made arrangements on how I would reach one hour earlier for the preparations, such as burning our video on a disc to be played on their player, etc. (Oh my, it sounds so much like we are planning on a  marriage proposal. HAHA. But hey - It can be a good idea, no?)

When the actual day finally arrived, I prepared the video which I had burned into a CD-ROM
and cabbed down to the restaurant with high anticipation. 
As my cab was approaching the restaurant, I could feel the excitement building up in me.
The restaurant was at Paya Lebar - Being someone who lives in the West part of Singapore, it felt like a mini adventure.

What can I say, the restaurant is such a GEM.
As I did not come with an intention to blog, I did not bring my usual camera with me (I really regretted not doing so!!!) Nonetheless, I made do with my phone camera - so please do pardon the poor quality. At least, I have the courtesy to share with all my readers this rare gem! :)
 If you've never heard about this place, I am sure you will be tempted to visit it after reading my entry.

I was really intrigued by the interior design of the restaurant. It has a retro feel to it , and it was almost like stepping into a time machine!
From what I've heard, there are actually real, vintage collectibles on display. Even if you are not here for the food, I am sure you will be impressed by the ambiance.

The antique on display - I'm completely awed by the wide collection!
Look at those old records!

I met with the restaurant owners and I have to say that they are one of the most friendliest people I've ever came across.
They were hospitable and assisted me with the birthday preparations. (They even gave me a large table for the occasion, which I was really thankful.) 

While waiting for my two dear BFFs to arrive, I was served the menu to look through. OH BOY, did I salivate just by flipping through the pages.

I did a double take when I saw this on their menu:

Braised lamb shank!!!
I have always LOVED, LOVED lamb shanks. And look at how the illustration picture was portrayed!!!

Unfortunately, I did not get to try it on that day as my BFFs were not really hungry (and Ah Miao is a vegetarian) and I was afraid that I would not be able to finish such a large portion myself. (But I will make it a point to come again and try it someday!!!)

We ordered the oven-baked fish instead and I almost fainted when it was served to our table.

Again, I would like to remind you that I have no reason to exaggerate in my entry because I am not paid to advertise for them. It was really so good that I felt it NEEDS to be shared.

The photos simply DO NOT do the food justice. 
*makes it a point to bring my camera along on my next trip*

In case you are wondering, the item wrapped in aluminium foil is actually a potato being cut into 4 slices, and coated with bacon + sauce that will send your taste buds tickling and yearning for more after each bite.
No, I am not exaggerating. It's really THAT good.

I can't even begin to emphasize how well-marinated the fish is. It seemed like the perfect blend of white sauce with the softness of meat. It tasted so good when chewing it, and even better during the after-taste. If I had to rate this, I would give it a 10 out of 10. And mind you - I am someone who is very particular about fish meat.

Now, here's another MUST-TRY item:
I've forgotten the exact name of this dish, but I have to say this is one of the best chicken meat I have ever tasted in my entire life. No kidding.
My eyes literally bulged during my first bite.

SO FREAKING TENDER - It's magical.

Let me take a close-up:-

I have no idea how they made it, but the meat was soooo soft that the skin slid off it once I attempted to cut it.
Every bite was tantalizing and I kept exclaiming "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD". HAHAHA.
The meat was very well-marinated and the taste was on-point.
I told my BFFs that the combination of the chicken meat and sauce is like a "perfect match in heaven". LOL. I had no other words to describe it. 
The fries are similar to Mos Burger fries - and I like it that way!

As an appetizer, we ordered this item on the menu as well - 
BACON WITH CHEESE MELT - Combined with Portobello mushroom
(Just the description is enough to make anyone salivate, pls!)
It's quite small in size, and you will feel like it is not enough! 
It's very rich in taste and I actually like it very much despite the fact that I am not a big fan of such mushrooms.

And the owners were so kind to offer everyone a complimentary mango pudding that was so tasty!
Thank you so much!!

In the midst of our meal, the boss reminded me of the birthday video that was supposed to be played. He was so kind to make a special announcement to all the guests who were present and everyone shared our joy in celebrating Pei Wen's birthday!

Our birthday plan was actually a bit screwed up due to the last minute incompatibility issues between the CD-ROM and the restaurant's player, but thank God Ah Miao brought her laptop along - so we ended up playing the video on the  laptop's screen while the boss helped us to project our audio through the speakers.
Our singing voices filled the whole restaurant as Pei Wen was watching the video. Oh man, we were blushing throughout the 4 minutes! Nonetheless, it was a surprise success!!
I wish I could share the video on here, but sorry - it's meant for our dear friend only... HAHAHA.

Here's a screenshot nonetheless: 

We were so glad to see Pei Wen smiling so happily after watching the video :) All our efforts definitely paid off!

And it wouldn't have been possible without the help from the bosses at British Hainan!
If you are reading this, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart.
Like what I told my friends, "Even if I live far away, the food alone is worth the trip."

As below is their address: - (Don't say I never share hor!)
It's really an ideal place to celebrate birthdays or any other special occasions - I highly recommend this place!

75 Carpmael Rd
75 Carpmael Rd, Singapore 429812

Official Website:

Parking available at Haig Road HDB Carpark Block 1 or 2.


Alight at Paya Lebar Mrt and take a 12-15 minutes walk down towards Blk 1 Haig Road, look out for Carpmael Road which is at the intersection of Crane Road.


Catch bus 33 which stops at Joo Chiat Road, or bus 16 which stops at Carpmael Road (near Shell Station).

Sunday, 13 March 2016

[Honest Review] Spa Elements

Many of my friends may know that I love going for massages (No, I am not rich but I am one that goes for trials and Groupon deals - hence I am not really paying a lot to experience the services, but I guess they are more than enough for me to post my reviews on here!)

Unfortunately, there is no photograph taken for this review due to the rushed job (You will read more about it in later part of this post)

If you are someone who does read-ups of reviews (like me) before deciding to purchase any packages or deals from spa/massage companies, you will be glad to chance upon my blog as I will post my honest opinions on here (I am always honest, anyway. HAHA)

And one thing I always look out for is WHETHER a company will do hard-selling. 
I totally HATE hard-selling, it totally puts me off. Even if I am impressed by your services, I will NOT want to sign up with one that pushes sales. I am sure potential consumers like yourselves dislike it, too.

Enough said, I shall review on one of the massage companies I recently visited -Spa Elements. 

Unlike previous deals, I did not purchase it through Groupon - but rather, a voucher that was given to my friend (she is my massage khaki!).

We paid around $23 (inclusive of GST) after the services.

From their brochure, I noticed that there are two branches - One at The Cathay (Dhoby Ghaut area, which is the one I went to) and another at Orchard Ion.

Services: 6/10
Not sure if it's due to overwhelming response as they have an ongoing promotion, I feel that they have compromised on the quality of their services. 
From beginning to end, everything seemed like a pretty rushed job. 
I remembered the masseur knocking on my door to ask if I was ready when I've not even removed my shirt!
I was supposed to feel relaxed during the massage, but I felt somehow pressurized as the massage started off in a VERY fast-paced manner. Yes, it was still a 1-hour massage nonetheless and I guess they were just trying to make the best out of it. The masseur did slow down her pace in the middle though.

Quality of massage (Depending on the masseur): 7/10
The masseur had not bad skills. She did massage on some of my joints that badly needed a good massaging; and I felt they were on point.

Environment: 6/10
Quite a small and simple place, but cosy enough. There was a large wardrobe in each room for us to place our belongings.

Hard-selling factor: 2/10
I'm relieved. There's no hard-selling involved, even tough they did introduce some of their packages to us. The promotional price for their packages are at $68 per session, and I would say that it is not very cheap, as compared to other places I've been to.
Nonetheless, I am glad they are not pushy about their sales. That's a plus point.

Overall,I would say that they are still pretty okay - but not the best I've been to. I'll be reviewing more places on my blog in time to come - Stay tuned for more! :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

ANIMAL CRUELTY- Turning live animals into Keychains?!

I'm not sure if this is well-known to many, but I sure had a look of horror plastered all over my face when I came across these photographs that spell "ANIMAL CRUELTY".
(If this isn't animal cruelty, then I don't know what is)

At first glance, they may look like your typical keychain souvenir. Honestly, they look so colorful that you won't believe what is really happening until you take a closer look... ...

Rubber animals encased in a small plastic bag? Cute?
Mind you, they are REAL animals (tortoises, fishes, etc) being trapped in small bags and used as accessories to hang on your mobile phones or bags.
According to several online news reports, those animals were suspended in brightly-colored liquid (as pictured above) that supposedly contain the "essential" oxygen and nutrients to keep them alive for a few days. Thereafter, they would be left to die. 

What would be left in that sealed plastic is a lifeless animal that you will be carrying it around everywhere with you. EEEW. Can this get anymore disgusting?


Not to mention that they are being sold on the ordinary streets of China.


A closer look at how appalling Mankind can be.
These poor tortoises were trying to swim their way to freedom - but of course that's visibly impossible.

Can any kind soul please cut the bags open and free these animals?! Hello?!?!

Here's a video of them in action:

If I have the money, I would gladly purchase EVERYTHING they have and set these poor animals free. I totally cannot imagine hanging these keychains on my bags or mobile phone and watching the innocent lives of the animals draining away.

What would you have done if you come across these supposed "souvenirs" in China?

(For more information, click here for the original post.)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Joke of the Internet -蛇精男

So there's a recent uproar of a guy who blatantly insulted Singaporeans sometime back (but it appears that he has taken down the post already. Guilty much?)
I'm sure this face would not be unfamiliar to many (If you are an avid Facebooker, I'm sure you would've seen one or two of his *appalling* pictures somewhere...)

The perfect definition of Photoshop.
In case you are wondering, yes, they are of the same person.

Just a brief introduction about him (if you are not aware) - He's simply someone who gained fame through insulting people from time to time. As long as you are human, there's a possibility of you being insulted by him because he thinks he is more superior than everyone else.
Yes, he's none other than 刘梓晨 (otherwise infamously known as "蛇精男")

One of his proudest "assets" would be the infamous chin, which many netizens claimed that it could pierce through anything and cause imminent death.
You know, it's really amusing to see the delusional world this guy has crafted for himself. 
I'm not sure if this guy is for real - but one thing I'm positive of is that he has successfully became an international joke.

Look at that natural-looking sharp chin!
(Oh puh-lease... Photoshop also must photoshop better lah...)

For more laughable photos, you can go to his Facebook profile by clicking HERE. (It's highly entertaining if you are taking a break in the toilet)
I don't wish to flood my blog with so many of his natural-looking photos.

Here's something interesting:
Some netizen had spotted him on the streets and snapped pictures of him in real life.


Nice usage of eyeshadow on that nose there, guy.

I'm starting to think that Steven Lim is kinda' normal now.. If you know what I mean.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Updates on my Chemical Peeling Treatment sessions!

Several readers have written in and asked me some topics regarding the Chemical Peeling Treatments that I am still undergoing.

And I have made a short video featuring the whole process of one of my chemical peeling sessions.  If you are wondering what to expect from the sessions, I believe you will understand better after watching this!
(Pardon me as I usually do not put on make-up prior to my treatment sessions; so I am definitely not looking my best in there.... Whatever you see, is called natural beauty. *inserts a hao lian look here*)

(Credits to Dokiboy for the filming!)

Here comes the most common question:
Is it really effective? Does it work just after one session?

Since I have undergone so many sessions now, I shall give my verdict based on my personal experiences. (Please do note that what I feel does not necessarily mean that everyone will feel the same way as results vary from individual to individual!)

I would say Chemical Peeling works for me as the acne on my forehead has been cleared up pretty well now! I could look back at my old pictures and gasp in horror.
However, this does not mean that the acne issues will stop there forever.
YES, you still have to be responsible of taking good care of your skin, and there are times when pre-menstrual symptoms will inevitably cause acne to appear. These are normal.

On usual days, I would find that my skin condition has improved tremendously - Even my friends couldn't stop emphasizing how obvious the results were from time to time.

I used to be a lazy person who didn't care much about skincare routine - but I am taking better care of my skin now by applying facial products daily.

If you are wondering what Chemical Peeling is all about or is interested to try out at least one session to see if it works for you, here's a recommendation: (Trust me, Dr Tyng Tan is one of the friendliest and knowledgeable doctors I've ever came across!! You can leave your face in her safe and good hands. Haha.)

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic
391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873
Enquiry Hotline: +65 6235 0010

You may quote my blog's name: "SgComplainQueen" for a non-obligatory consultation with the doctor! As everyone's skin condition is different, Dr Tan will access your condition and advise you accordingly!


Thursday, 31 December 2015

First post of 2016! (And a bit about unleashing the Shopaholic in me)

I'm trying my best to be an avid blogger like I used to, but I guess time doesn't permit at times.
Still, I'll try to update as much as possible - before my readers begin to think that I am forsaking my blog!
Well, I am starting this new entry in a brand new year - Yes baby, it's 2016! Time flies, isn't it? And this means that I'm one year older ? (No, I don't like the sound of it, please.)

And I have been crazy about online shopping lately - With all the awesome promotions going on, I would feel that I'm living my life with regrets if I don't buy them!
(Thanks ah, Shopee and Taobao
I guess I finally understand the definition of online shopping. It is the process of purchasing items that you don't really need but yet YOU WANT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO CHEAP/reasonably priced TO MISS.

Seriously, I've already lost count of how many items that have been delivered to my house on an almost daily basis. 
NO. I only spent a few bucks purchasing stuff that were originally priced way higher than that. #shopaholicexcuses

I caught on the 12.12 fever sometime back, and got myself some stuff that are simply out of this world - based on their prices.
I posted this image on my Facebook when I got this - It's just so cute. (or was anyone actually tricked into thinking this is an actual Macbook?)
 It's just a portable mirror, lah. 
I'M NOT GONNA LIE. I got it at $1.20!!! Would you have gotten it?!
Shiok max. I have seen this before and wanted to get it a long time back - but it was priced way higher, approximately $5-$6 each. I was glad I placed my temptation on hold and caught on this promotion!

And I got myself a set of Mcdonald's Nanobricks too! (Of course they are pirated, lah... But I still had endless fun with them.)
These were just 3 out of the 6 I've successfully built after much heartache and frustration.
And I got the set of 6 at only $12!! (Actual price was actually $29.90) Faintzzz...

And a Tsum Tsum Lotso as well - $1.20!!!
Tell me, tell me - I can't justify this at all if I don't buy it, right?!?!
(I think this is not really an authentic Disney product also, but I don't mind since I am not a collector of the series. I just collect anything that looks cute to me!! LOL. So you Disney fanatics... Refrain from preaching or telling me that I've gotten myself a bootleg product. YES, I AM AWARE BUT I STILL CHOSE TO GET IT. Tqvm.)

There are still many other stuff that I have yet to post up, but I have gotten some really awesome products too. (Such as a 16GB Sandisk thumbdrive at only $1.20 and mini SDcard at $1.90!!)
What I thought was a scam (Referring to the Shopee app, an online shopping mobile platform) has proven me wrong.
Although Shopee did not take initiative to look me up to do any advertorial for them, but I shall give them a shoutout since they are so awesome, lah.
Thanks for the constant discounts that came with unbelievable price tags. 

OK, I can't believe I just rambled on for the past half hour.
I've more to share on my next blog entry! Stay tuned..