Wednesday, 21 January 2015

[Review] My Skin Regeneration Treatment at Aesthetic and Hair Clinic Singapore

**Warning: Picture-heavy post!! Haha*

Here's a thank you to all my readers who have been following my Chemical Peeling Journey previously! Ever since the entries were published, I have received several e-mails from a few readers who have shared their acne issues with me as well. It pains me to know of how my young readers have been battling acne since a tender age.

I'm glad my entries benefited some of you who are interested in the treatment too. It has definitely been one of the most rewarding choices I've ever made in going for the Chemical Peeling treatment.
As most of you would have known by now, Dr Tyng Tan was my doctor and she was kind enough to recommend me another treatment that would aid in lightening acne scars, blemishes and flaws on my face.
The treatment is known as MOSAIC Total Skin Regeneration. (Not sure if any of you have heard of it, but now you do!)
I'll explain more about this treatment in specific details at the later part of this entry, so be sure to keep on reading if you are interested!

Given my condition (which varies between different individuals), she has suggested 5 sessions for me (with each session being 1 month apart)
I would be lying if I were to tell you I wasn't feeling nervous about the treatment.
I know this would be something different from Chemical Peeling as it involves the usage of laser, which sounded quite scary to me!

Of course... It helps knowing the fact that Dr Tyng Tan will be handling the procedure.
(Not that I am trying to be a boot-licker here but I have total faith in her!!)

I am going to be on a new journey this time with the Total Skin Regeneration treatment, so do stay tuned to my entries as I'll be posting updates of my condition - a totally honest review with unedited photographs!

Here I am, back again at the clinic!

 And this is one of the rarer chances you may get to see me without make-up on.
(I totally lack confidence in posing for photos without make-up, but for the sake of the treatment which I had to go without.... I'll make the sacrifice!!)

 Here's the lovely Ms Vivian attending to me again!

 Getting ready for the cleansing of face.
(As you can see, I have some dark scars near my chin area. They look more obvious than they are in the pictures!)

LOL. I don't know why I had that expression on my face. Now all of you have seen the most unglam side of me. Ahem.

Ms Vivian gently cleansing my face in progress... ...
(It was so comfortable that I thought I could fall asleep!)


Now, this is the interesting part. She applied numbing cream on my face after the cleansing, and I was told that this would numb my face (so that I wouldn't feel that much of any possible pain from the treatment later)
The numbing effect would last for 4-6 hours!

I was feeling anxious and curious as I have never imagined my whole face being numbed before.
I was quite skeptical of the cream initially, but I was proven wrong!

 Here's me after the application of numbing cream. I could feel the numbness and tightness setting in! Was trying my best to smile here.
Gosh, look at those dark eye circles!!!!
(Do note that I have not used any photo filter effects in my photos in this entry. What you see is how the photo was originally taken!)

My right eye was actually a bit swollen on that day, which I didn't know why either. Probably a lack of sleep from the night before :(

I was curious how the numbing cream looked like... So here it is, with permission from Ms Vivian. Haha. It's interesting how powerful the cream is!
Imagine how I could prank an enemy with it while he/she is taking a nap. Just an application around his/her mouth and it shall numb him/her from talking! LOL, just kidding. I am such a kind soul, how in the world would I have an enemy? *inserts angelic look here*

Zen mode. Face getting numb every minute... Tick tock tick tock.

 (I thought my hair looked beautiful until I saw this photo. DAMN.)

Close-up shot of my face. 

Ms Vivian cleaning off the numbing cream... Oh no.. This means that my face is now almost ready for the treatment!

 Soon, I was told to get ready for Dr Tyng Tan to begin the treatment.
While waiting for her to enter the room, I was trying to hard to control those butterflies in my stomach.
Even though I knew what I was in for, but the feeling of being physically there and awaiting to have my face worked on was making me anxious!
Thoughts such as "Will this be painful?" appeared in my mind, even though it was reportedly said to be painless.

Soon, Dr Tyng Tan entered the room with her cheerful smile (I felt comforted already!) and explained to me briefly about the treatment.

"The whole procedure only lasts for about 2 minutes!" she said optimistically.
I relaxed my muscles. The thought of how the effects will benefit my face eventually gave me the courage to brave myself for it.

"So.. Are you ready?"
I nodded.

 Zap, zap, zap zap.
Dr Tyng Tan's hand movement was fast and steady as she controlled the equipment.
"You look like you are frowning," she remarked. "Is it painful?"

(I did not realize I was frowning! Actually, I was feeling more of shocked than pain as the equipment felt prickly on my skin. Personally, it is not really 100% painless - but definitely tolerable. I am one that is afraid of pain, so I believe majority of the humans would not have issues with it! HAHA)

There was one point when the intensity has to be increased and the pain level was slightly higher than the former. It's still within my tolerable limit though. (They felt prickly against my skin)

 Dr Tyng Tan confidently working on my face.

Wow, I love this photo! It looks so professional as though it's from some advertisement! Hahaha.

I love how Dr Tyng Tan is always seen to be smiling in photos.

 Get ready for a photo that may possibly be one of the more glamorous ones ever showcased on my blog.
But being a honest and transparent blogger (*takes pride*), I'll post photos that are true to my experiences.


Here, a photo of me straight after the treatment. I KNOW I looked like a roasted pig here (and I didn't know I was frowning, really!)

Don't worry, I only looked like a roasted pig for probably only 10 minutes! The swell went down pretty fast.
The after-treatment sensation was actually quite comfortable. I felt like my face has been pricked, but in a "shiok" way. The feeling was indescribable but boy, was I glad that there really was not much pain felt! The numbing cream helped alot, I guess.

 Immediately, I was given a cleansing and had facial session to "cool" my face.

  After cleansing.
See? My face wasn't so red now. :)

The cooling mask!!! It was to be laid on my face for 20 minutes.
Ms Vivian even switched the lights off so I could have a short nap. Awww.

Really shiok leh.

 Dr Tyng Tan giving me some advice =D

OK, sleeping time while the mask as doing its work on my face!

 After the removal of mask, my face was back to almost normal again!! No more redness.!!

Ms Vivian proceeded to apply post-treatment balm and sun-block on my skin.
(I was encouraged not to go under the sun that much after the treatment)

I looked like I had fallen asleep.. Did I??

Yay, done with the treatment! :) I looked better, didn't I?!

As I have promised earlier in my post to explain more about the Total Skin Regeneration treatment, here it is.

Total Skin Regeneration has the ability to deliver substantial improvements while leaving the skin's outer most layer unaffected.

Following a single session, one can notice that the skin will be brighter and re-generated with renewed collagen, and it is reportedly said that the skin will become even tighter and scars will dramatically improve after several more sessions!

Personally, it is a convenient treatment that does not leave a visible wound (other than looking a bit sun burned after the procedure). However, it does not affect daily activities at all and I was told that I can even apply make-up after the treatment!

What types of skin are suitable for the treatment?
-Scars such as acne scar, surgical scars, traumatic scars, burn scars and striae.
-Rejuvenation of Non-Surgical Areas (Neck, chest, and hands ,etc)
-Wrinkles and Skin Laxity
-Sun Damaged skin
-Large pore, rough skin texture
-Pigmented lesions such as Melasma, age spots and dyschromias
-Uneven skin stones

Here's a random photo of me making my next appointment at the clinic - I can't wait for my second session already!
I was given a post-treatment balm (which I have to apply twice daily on my face). The post-treatment balm is recommended to be stored in the fridge and it was sooo cooling when I applied it on my face everytime!

Here's a pic of my face condition on the same day (at night)

A close-up shot of my face. Just some minor red patches here and there.

Pardon the messy kitchen background. LOL

This is Day 2 and I felt that my skin is improving already!

I think it really improved!!
I went to work that following week and one of my colleagues (who did NOT know I underwent the treatment at all) asked me "Did you just do facial?"

WHOA, I felt immensely happy because this meant that the treatment was EFFECTIVE!!
"NO!!" I replied with a smile. "I did skin treatment! Do read my blog to find out more if you are interested what I exactly did."

That's me now:

If you would like to find out more about the treatment, here's the link:

Do stay tuned to my upcoming entries for updates on the treatment!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

[Review] MyBlackShop: Bust-Up Soap - Unlocking every woman's dreams (LOL!)

This is definitely one of the more interesting reviews I have done. 

Yes... It's the famous Bust-Up Soap!
Yes... You are right. It's the soap to every woman's dreams. (LOL)

Being petite in size, I naturally have smaller *ahem* boobs but that didn't really bother me anyway. Nonetheless, I've always been curious if such natural methods will help in achieving bigger boobs without undergoing surgeries. Of course, anyone will be skeptical of this, right?!

I've always heard of how highly raved this soap is and was curious how effective it would be - and thanks to MyBlackShop, I was given the opportunity to review its effects and share them with my readers here!
Nothing beats having to try out the product myself to see if it works!

Here's the cute little packaging.
When I first received the soap, I could smell it straightaway! 
It smells candy-ish sweet, something I would have loved to taste in my mouth. HAHA.
 (But of course it's not edible, lah!)

Natural handmade soap from Korea - Now I can't wait to open the packaging to have a look at the soap bars!

Ta-da! There are 3 pieces of bar soap -each individually wrapped in clear, tight plastic.

Pardon the messy background, I was actually on the way to my bathroom to use it while taking photos along the way!

Here's how it looks like - Gradient yellowish-pink color. Mystical.

There were brown marks on it which are part of the ingredients. 
The fragrance of the soap was really too tempting while I was taking this photo!

So, how do you use it?
MyBlackShop has provided the following illustration:

Copied from their site:

Left Breast massage: 
1. Place your right hand below the armpit at the same level of the breast and draw your hand inwards to the center of the body.
2. Next place your left hand to the side of the breast following the contour of your breast with the thumb pointing outward and other fingers pointing downward, push in from the side to the center of the body.
3. Move your right hand slightly towards the center of the body, then use your left hand to draw the breast from side and base. Massage in a clockwise motion. 
*Repeat the same for your Right Breast.
You may wish to refer to the "Breast massage" diagram provided above.  

Use twice a day for visible result within a month. *However, result vary based on individual.

Only use on bust area. In the unlikely event of skin irritation, stop using and consult a doctor immediately.

My verdict:
So I followed the instructions and have been using it for some time now. When I first applied it, I fell in love with the smell and wished I could apply it to the rest of my body. (But of course I couldn't as it is meant ONLY for the bust area!)
Probably it was just psychological, I felt weird (in a good way). I ACTUALLY thought they increased a little in size after just one time of usage. (I believe my eyes weren't playing tricks on me cos' I have small boobs to begin with, so results would be quite evident.)

Unfortunately, I will not be posting up photos of my boobs (*censored*) so I can't show you the results here. 
While the soap may be effective to a certain extent, constant usage is required to "maintain" the effects. Results are not permanent, but they will be if there's a continuation of usage. 
So, the key to using the soap is NOT to be lazy. 

I'm still using them at time of writing, and they are working pretty well for me. 
I LOVE how the soap bars smell, and they have since became something I look forward to when using them in the shower.

Not sure if it will work on men as well, but I am sure they will not like it. LOL.

I'm intrigued by how just a simple bar of soap is able to enhance your bust area. Seriously, without SURGERIES?! Now that's amazing.

If you would like to give it a try, you can get the Bust-up soap package at:

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Excuse me LINE, where's my LINE DOLL?!

Since I am the "Singapore's Complain Queen", I shall do myself some justice and blog about this.

I believe there is an increasing amount of LINE users in Singapore now (I started out really early when most people were still using Whatsapp #proud).

If you haven't heard about LINE, then it's time for you to come out of your cave.

Not sure about you guys, but I've been receiving messages from LINE EVENT account almost on a daily basis, prompting users to enter some lucky draws by typing in the correct answers blah blah.

Feeling like a retard who has NEVER won once (not even a single time despite my loyalty in answering their questions everyday, damn it), I decided everything is nothing but a SCAM. 

I even participated in their Christmas event, whereby I foolishly typed "ChristmasMe" daily, thinking that I might strike the jackpot one day.

Yes, dream on, Catherine. Dream on. As if LINE gives a damn how loyal you are.

Striking the 4D is so much easier than winning the #()$*()#$ LINE doll.

I have been facing the same old message for the entire month, so much that I could literally memorize the paragraph.

Here's a screenshot of my stupidity:

"Awww...Don't be sad, it's just not your day."


Then there were times I received Congratulatory messages, which made my heart jumped a little.


Just when I lost total faith in LINE, my BFF texted and told me that she is a winner in one of the daily contests - SHE WON HERSELF A LINE DOLL!!!! Woohoo?!?

I couldn't believe the news. HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE?! 

She has entered a correct entry and received a "WINNER" link to fill up her details, indicating that she would receive a LINE doll.

This was the screenshot she sent me:


It was a pity that she could not access the Winner Form anymore after she has filled it up, else I could have gotten her to screenshot it.


AND the reason I'm blogging about this is because......
 It has been months since the date she was notified as a winner.
She waited and waited... There is no sound, no smell, no sight and no NOTHING about the doll.

So much that she is on the verge of giving up.
"Forget it", she said.



For all you know, someone else is having the same experience but yet dismiss it just like that.
BUT NO, I am not going to let this slip. Never mind that I am not the winner, but someone whom I know actually is AND she deserves the doll.

Christmas is over and she has yet to receive it! Come on, how difficult is it to deliver the doll when there were not many winners to begin with?!?!


Now shut up and give my BFF the doll else I will haunt you, LINE.