Wednesday, 8 July 2015

SPOT ME! RED DOT Campaign – Have you spotted it yet?

Have you guys spotted something on the road, and wondered what it exactly was?
So far, I have spotted so many that it's impossible not to be aware of them.

Here are a few photos that I took; I made it a point to snap a pic of it whenever it's spotted!

Seen it, recognize it.. Yet?

I didn't mean spotting the bus lah, but THIS
The little red "ball" that looks sooo cute...

Like an antenna, hor?!?!

I kept seeing it, especially at the back of buses.
 Don't ask me where I spotted them, they are just everywhere!

I'm sure you will be able to spot one too, wherever you are at. 

And this was also just recently taken - I spotted it on a lorry parked near a marketplace.
 I sounded like a lunatic when I spotted it.

"HEY! THAT BALL, THAT BALL!! I HAVE TO TAKE A PIC OF IT!!", I told a shocked friend beside me who thought I went berserk.

But HEY, I don't get excited for nothing. I'm sure you will also be going around spotting it like me after reading this post.


Easy Peasy.

How cool is that?! 
This is actually a part of a SG50 campaign called "SPOT ME! RED DOT" by ComfortDelGro along with Moove Media to raise $250,000 for a good cause! (More information below as you read on)

Participating in the campaign is free - All you need is just a pair of sharp eyes and mobile phone/camera with you at all times. Of course, you have to be fast and ensure the vehicles don't move off before snapping the pic, lah. Haha.

As long as you spot it, there will be a chance to win. 
This gives you more reason to go out with friends mah! *smirks*

HHere's a picture illustration of how to join:-
The first pic is the owner of the vehicle clipping the Red Dot so excited people like me can spot and take a pic:-
  • Step 1: Spot a Red Dot! (Red Dot on a vehicle)
  • Step 2: Snap a photo of the Red Dot!
  • Step 3: Upload it to Spot Me! Red Dot Facebook / Instagram (@SpotMeRedDot) with #SpotMeRedDot.

In case you are not aware, this campaign has been ongoing for a month now - from 5 June to 31 August 2015.
AND if you are one of those who have been clueless about these red little thingy (they are officially known as a "Red Dot") before, now you know!

For drivers who find the Red Dots cute and thinking if you can have one, too. 


(Image credit to: Moove Media)

(And do you know that you are entitled to a winning chance too if you were spotted by Moovers?! 好心有好报!)

On top of that, this move is a part of the good cause that I mentioned earlier as ALL proceeds of the Red Dot sales will go to FOUR different beneficiaries.
(Lions Befrienders Service Association, Handicaps Welfare Association, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore and Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped)

You are actually doing a good deed by purchasing each Red Dot.
More information are listed on their official website HERE

From the last I checked, it appeared that many have spotted and won prizes (There are over $50,000 worth of prizes to be won, so there are still tons of chances to be one of the winners!!)

There are many places with the Red Dot stickers promoting the Campaign as well; I got so excited that I even snapped photographs of the stickers (although no prizes, lah!) I felt that I have sharper eyes now - I can spot anything that's related to the campaign! HAHA.
See how hardworking I am : -

At bus interchange:

On the bus:

On the floor of a MRT station platform (LOL!):

If you haven't give their Facebook page a "LIKE" already, go do so now!! No harm - Only gain in chances of winning!! 


Be part of the Spot Me! Red Dot Campaign now!! Go, Go!!

Monday, 29 June 2015

GrabTaxi - Just a marketing gimmick!

With all the Promotion codes and marketing tactics offered by different cab-booking agencies (such as Uber, Hailo, etc) recently, I got into a cab frenzy.

With the promotions, I was able to enjoy booking cabs without hassle and not spending much money on my rides as most of them were waived off using the codes.

Somehow, I think their marketing was a success. Through the promotions, I knew about their existence and tried their services, which I thought was splendid.

Unfortunately, I had my FIRST negative experience with a new application that I have never tried before, and I'm certain it would be my last.
(Sorry lah, I really wanted to put in a good word or two about you.. But I just couldn't find any reason to.)

Their service was just... Appalling.

Yes, it's none other than GrabTaxi.
Sounds familiar?? Yes, it recently boasted of a promotion code that would entitle passengers a $15 discount of cab ride - as a "wedding gift" from their Founder, CEO Anthony Tan.

I know, some of you must be thinking, "Since they are already kind enough to give you a free ride worth $15, why are you even complaining??"

Now, let me tell you...
Will you complain if they do not deliver the slightest bit of service that they are supposed to offer?
Bluntly speaking, the promotion is as good as NOT offering to passengers.

As it was my first time trying the service, I used their promotion code "GRABLOVE", thinking that it might take a long while for the cabs to arrive since I was sure many would be utilizing the code as well.

I was okay with the wait as I did not expect much since it is free, but... I hate to say it that the wait was nothing more than a futile one.
(You know... more like wasting time waiting for a fruit to drop from the sky?)
Yes, I was shown a page that there were SEVERAL cab drivers within near distance and GUESS WHAT?!?!

NONE. Basically NONE of them took up my booking.

Fine. I tried again.
And Again.
And and... Again.

I guess I have lost count the amount of times I have tried - and you know you have to give up when getting a cab through the app seems like an IMPOSSIBLE task.
I was told repeatedly that there was NO driver.
It appeared that a MIRACLE was needed to make it happen, huh?

As I did not take any screenshot in the midst of my frustration that day, I managed to find a similar pic from one of the Facebook complaints that were posted.

Apparently, I discovered I was not the only one when I logged on to their page - with many complaining of the same issue that I faced. I scrolled through the comments and found only one comment from a passenger who managed to successfully book a cab on 27th June 2015.

To make matters worse, there were several people claiming that they managed to get a cab within seconds AFTER they removed the promotion code. 

Talk about being practical.

This goes to show that it was not that there was no driver! BUT they had REFUSED to pick up passengers who utilize the code (probably because they earn nothing from this promotion or they think that such passengers are cheapos?!) 

If the cab drivers are going to be such selective choosers, then why bother offering such promotions when it only PROMOTE frustration in passengers?

Basically speaking, if you can't COPE with such expected overwhelming response, then please don't risk your own reputation by promising to give something you can't deliver.

I have always thought of Grabtaxi as an app that I would love to try after hearing how highly raved it was by bloggers and vloggers, but I guess all is just a marketing gimmick.
Yes, I am sure the success rate of booking a cab will definitely be  100% now - because the promotion is over.


Thanks, but no thanks. Congratulations on the wedding and kind gesture in offering the free rides - probably I just am one of the "not fated" ones amongst the hundreds who were on the same boat, too.

I don't wish to compare... but back to Uber and Hailo!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

[Short Update] Finally had the chance to visit the NDP Exhibition Booth!

I finally got the chance to visit the NDP Exhibition Booth (my family was there, too!) before it officially closed.
It was a MUST-GO for me as I had wanted to take photographs with my NDP funpacks.
(A big THANK YOU to all who have went to support the designs!)

Seeing them for the first time ever at the exhibition was just... *overwhelmed with emotions*

My featured profile in the list of designers! 

I am sure most of you would have received the SG NDP Funpack postcard in your mailbox by now (I have finally received mine after what seemed like ages).

As below are the 50 designs that will be randomly given:- I finally found a proper pic!

This year's NDP is going to be so exciting, I can just feel it.
Stay tuned to my blog for more updates! :-)

Friday, 12 June 2015

From a Daydream to Reality

I have been waiting for awhile to post this now... and I can finally publicly share this piece of good news with all my readers!!

I know it's still a wee bit early, but I am tremendously hyped by this year's NDP (National Day Parade)! If you haven't been to the NDP exhibition at Marina Square Central (Atrium area), you totally should....


I am one of this year's NDP Funpack designers!! *screams*

Featuring my two babies~

I have to say I am deeply humbled and thrilled at the same time. I have always loved art and design, and having my creations featured in the annual NDP has always been a big dream of mine. 

Year after year, I would find myself staring longingly at the NDP funpacks and go, "If only I can have the opportunity to design for the funpack too..."

It was nothing but a mere daydream.

Honestly, I wouldn't have believed this far-fetched dream would come true one day.

And when it DID, I had to pinch myself a few times to ensure that this wasn't a dream.
(Even if it was, don't wake me up pleeeassee.. LOL)

From creating the designs to holding them physically in my hands, the feeling couldn't have been more surreal.


Being someone who daydreams ALOT and haven't had the chance to do my parents proud, it's definitely one of the biggest achievements for me. 
Despite the fact that my designs may not be the best amongst the rest, I'm already contented that I have been granted the opportunity to share my work with the nation.

(Thank you to my papa and mama for going to the NDP exhibition with me - The fact that both of you came and took photos with my work means alot to me. I'm happy that there is finally something in my life that I can make you feel proud of! Nothing more I can ask for, really.)

And to my supportive friends and colleagues, a major THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Some of you have visited the exhibition way before I was even there and took beautiful photographs to share with me. I was really touched beyond words by all the supportive gestures. It makes me feel so blessed.
It's your constant encouragement that keeps me going. :)

This year, the SG Funpack will be distributed to every household in Singapore (Yes, you heard it right! Everyone will get a funpack even if you are watching the NDP from the comfort of your own home!)  - Please do keep a lookout for this postcard that you will be getting/have already gotten in your mailbox. This is no advertisement paper! I have heard stories of some who have thrown it away by accident *cries*

It looks like this:
(Credits to NDPeeps Facebook)

Just more information about the NDP funpacks - There will be a total of 50 different designs this year (I am not certain if you will be able to choose your desired design though)
Although I may be one of the designers for the funpacks, I will not force anyone to prefer mine over other designs because there are many that look really impressive!! Everyone has different preferences, and I do hope that all of you will be able to get a design that you really like!

Every design has an inspiration to it: - and here are mine.
If you are interested to see more, you can view other designers' creations on here too (Can you believe that there are designers as young as 6-year-old too?! They are really talented, I would say!): 
The inspiration behind my design is the spirit of harmony and unity that prevails among Singaporeans – regardless of race, language or religion. I have always loved the sight of Singapore flags being hung proudly during National Day (it never fails to give me a sense of pride as a Singaporean). Through my design, I hope to portray the strong spirit of each and every Singaporean celebrating SG50 together!

The inspiration behind my design is childhood memories. As a kid, I loved playgrounds. I’ll never forget the iconic “Dragon” that intrigued me so much as I spent countless hours climbing and sliding down the terrazzo slide. I hope my design is able to create a sense of nostalgia for Singaporeans who can relate to it as well!
I wish Singapore a Happy, Prosperous, 50th Birthday! As a gesture of my love to Singapore, here’s a short poem I came up with: -
There’s no other place like Singapore,
A tiny red dot as what people call.
A small country but there’s no war,
Here’s a place I give my all.
Though we are “kiasu”, “kiasi”, and so much more,
I just love Singapore to the core!”

Here are some videos relating to the NDP funpacks if you are interested - Spot me if you can!

Here are the contents in the Funpack:-

I believe the tickets to the NDP Parade this year would be difficult to get as SG50 is going to be quite a grand one. I have quite a number of friends who managed to get the tickets. What can I say?! LUCKY THEM.

For those who failed at balloting (like me) and are about to give up hope on getting the tickets, there is still a small glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

Again, we can't escape the game of luck though.

From now to 14th June 2015, Sunday, visit the NDP Exhibition 2015 at Marina Square Central and participate in their activities for a chance to win the NDP tickets! 
There are many photo ops too, so you won't lose out in any way! Haha. 

I hope that all of you will be able to join in the celebration of SG50 in one way or another. 
As a patriotic Singaporean, I am really proud to be able to experience the moment of SG50. 

Honestly, I'm quite excited about NDP 2015 (GIVE ME THE TICKETS, PLEASE!!) as there will be features of nostalgic segments (Do you know that there would be a vintage parade going on, too?!?! I am SO, SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!) and many more that will have us walk down the memory lane together as a nation.
This is going to be majestic. I can feel it.

Enough said, do head down to the NDP Exhibition 2015 by Sunday while you have the chance!

Don't forget to drop by and take selfies or photographs with my Funpack designs if you are there, huh! Haha.
And.... .... Feel free to share them with me if you do! *winks*

Monday, 8 June 2015

Review: Spa Symphony - 313@Somerset

Here's another long-awaited blog review of mine - and surprisingly... It was a negative experience turned positive.
Before you think this is another sponsored advertorial/review, I have to tell you it is not. Everything was paid for using our own money, and experiences are shared based on what we personally went through.

I'm not sure if any of you have came across a Groupon deal from Spa Symphony before, but I think I did patronize them years ago and forgotten about it.

(Sorry for the unclear pics, all the below were taken using my phone's camera under low lighting)

It was not until I received a call from them recently and they actually OFFERED me FREE facial session.

OMG, got what motive?!?!

Of course, ANY - I mean, ANY, sensible human will be on high alert and be skeptical about this, right?

FREE LEH. FREE. It's most un..un..un..un..believable.

Come on, there is no FREE lunch in this world. I was pretty sure there would be strings attached.
(No offence, but I am ALWAYS skeptical of spas, massage salons, etc because they are commonly about packages, packages, packages!)

"Do you mean it's tied with packages or what??" I asked the Mr.Nice Man who called me over the phone.

"No, ma'am. It's a one-time thing, and we are offering it for free. You can bring along your friend as well to enjoy the promotion together. Unless if you are interested in a body massage, it will be chargeable at $28."

Mmm, Did he just mention body massage? I would love that anytime!

$28 is actually considered a VERY reasonable price, considering that this is Singapore we are talking about. It's almost like paying at a Groupon deal price, except that this isn't really through Groupon.

Still on a skeptical mode, I agreed to take up the body massage option, much to his surprise.

"You are okay with paying $28 for the body massage, right?"

(LOL, I guess he must have thought all Singaporeans would opt for FREE facial session and did not expect that someone would actually not mind paying for other services)
"Yes, I know, I am okay with it." I replied.

Together with my massage kaki (Let's call her "Shreky"), we made an appointment and headed down for it. I somehow expected us to get into some hardselling shit. 
Unfortunately, they called me on THE day and informed me that one of us would have to give up the massage due to their masseur's last minute of urgent leave. They offered the option for us to switch to the free facial session instead.
Being a hardcore massage lover, I was quite disappointed, lah. Honestly, I had been looking forward to a good massage after all the body-ache!

Nonetheless, I took up the free facial session and let Shreky proceed with her massage.

When we reached the place, I was kinda' impressed by the glass door design. LOL.
Quite atas-looking, I would say.

As we entered, the staff greeted us with smiling faces.
Hmm. Not bad. Friendly. Wait till we reject all those packages during their hard-sell talk...

For a start, we were asked to fill in a form with our particulars.
We did not wait long before we were being ushered into our individual rooms. 
As I am a person who has sensitive skin, I was kinda' worried about the facial massages. (And not to mention it was FREE)
The staff assured me that all their products are made from organic ingredients and suitable for all skin types.

Hmm, well... Okaaay.

A young and pleasant-looking lady attended to me during the session. Somehow, we clicked and started chatting away- even sharing our personal stories.
The facial session was surprisingly quite comfortable, and I really love the ambiance of the room. (I noticed that they have an exquisite design placed on top of their ceiling in 3D mode.. And you will feel like you are looking at a sky/ top of a tree top!)

I was glad that there was no hard-selling done during the process (I have heard enough horror stories of customers going through a tedious hard-selling talk during facials)
When we came out of our rooms after 60 minutes, tea was served.
A lady walked in and greeted us.

Indeed, the lady did introduce us of their services - but that was surprisingly it. 
There was completely no expected hard-selling from their side, and even politely thanked us when we told her that we would think about it.

WAH, this is seriously BEST.
The facial session really came with NO string attached. It was just their way of service introduction to us, and I really appreciate that Spa Symphony was true to their words.
You know, this is the kind that I wouldn't mind signing up packages or paying for - instead of some others who use methods of hard-selling.
If you are any business owner who use hard-selling tactics, I hope you read and LEARN from them. Hard-selling will get you nowhere. In fact, it will only get on customers' nerves and cause them to shun.

So yes, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Spa Symphony for being such a good sport! The facial session was superb and your staff are really friendly.
I won't mind bringing other friends back there again if there are any other promotions in future. 
Tried, tested and highly recommended from SGComplainQueen! Hahaha.

Here's their website if any of you is/are interested:

(Too bad that I did not get the chance to take many photos there as I did not intend to blog about it but eventually decided to!)

Thursday, 4 June 2015

[Complaint] One of the WORST dining experiences ever - Marché Mövenpick

I am posting this blog entry not because I want to soil the restaurant's reputation, but to share with everyone the negative first-hand experience I had - and hopefully they will improve their services in future.

When it comes to Marche, the first thing I could think of is their famous thick, delicious mushroom soup, and the crispy Rosti that has been highly raved.

Personally, I have patronised both of their different outlets at Vivocity and Orchard Somerset 313 - and I have to say that I do love the food variety there!
Call it a honest mistake, I actually thought the outlet at JEM, Jurong East, would be the same. I was not aware that the restaurant I stepped into was "Marche Mövenpick".
It was only after a research that I realized this new restaurant is indeed under Marche, but serves different types of food. In fact, it has a different concept altogether as it mainly serves Salad, pasta, pizzas.... Well, you get the drift.

I seldom patronize restaurants; so the main reason why I was there was due to a BFF's birthday celebration. (It was just a simple 3 person dinner)

I shall not begin to talk about the long waiting time (since I have MORE to complain about as you read on), but I'll cut to the chase and share with you what happened while we were in there.
When we were served the menu, we were kinda surprised by the limited food choices (Naïve us, we still thought there would be at least a bowl of soup but surprisingly, their restaurant does not appear to serve ANY-I repeat- ANY soup at all).

Disappointed by the food choices, we had no choice but to choose something since we have already settled down after a long waiting time for the seats.
Since we were at it, one of their staff came over and handed us our utensils - by DIRECTLY placing them on the table with NO serviette and NO plate.
(I had to "steal" serviette from other tables eventually)

How clean can your table be, may I ask??

Judging by the looks of the restaurant, it appears to be quite high-class (at least to me), but I guess their knowledge of hygiene is worst than any other coffee shops. *breathes in and out*

I shall try not to be too mindful about it.

Moving on next.

Since the restaurant does not serve any soup, we would need some water in one way or another, right?
We tried to look for decent drinks on their menu, but came to discover that most of them consisted of alcoholic drinks.
Being the 3 girls who do NOT drink at all, we thought we could just order one glass to share amongst ourselves.
I was quite concerned about the size of the drink though.
I began to ask the staff, "May I know what is the size of the drink?"

"I don't know," came the reply. "I'll check and let you know."
I was expecting that she would at least check and kindly tell me the size since I have asked, but sadly enough, she didn't.

Eh, you think I asked for fun izzit?

We ordered it anyway.
When our food finally arrived, I guess I wasn't too excited about it. I remembered taking the first mouthful and I was like "Damn... Am I going to survive the rest of my dinner hour to finish it?"
With a food that came with quite a hefty price tag, I knew I couldn't afford to be a chooser.
I can't complain much about the food since it's subjective (To be fair, the food may taste awful to me but delicious to others), but I have to be honest about my opinions.
The pasta tasted kinda' bland and tasteless. Probably it's meant to be healthy? I just knew I added a lot of vinegar, chilli flakes and even sugar just to have that bit of enhancement and finish it off.
As if it wasn't unenjoyable enough already, one incident happened that MADE ME SO INFURIATED. So much that I thought I just HAVE to blog about this.
As it was a birthday dinner, both another friend and I had prepared a small strawberry cake in advance, in which we had planned to reveal it nearer to the end of dinner.
My friend lit the candle quietly below the table and broke into a birthday song for her.
At this point of time, everything seemed well... Until...

 One of the staff walked over and told us with a no-smile face.
"Sorry, you can't bring in outside cake here."

"You can blow the candle, but keep it after that."

 Can't you at least give us that bit of face since it's obvious that we were doing it for a birthday occasion? (And mind you, it was not as though we were throwing a loud party in your restaurant. It was just a mere 3 -person dinner amongst ourselves)
And in case you are not aware, we did NOT even consume the cake at the restaurant. The candle was ours, and the cake was ours.
 We just wanted to hand the cake to her. Simple as that.


We have celebrated birthday dinners at plenty of other restaurants before, and mind you, MOST of them even helped us to keep our cake beforehand and served to us.
We did not even ask for such request from this ridiculous restaurant and yet the treatment we received was worst beyond our expectations.

I don't think it is very nice to tell your customers off just because they take out a cake at your restaurant.
So..In case any of you are planning a birthday surprise.. You can forget about this restaurant.
They will end up spoiling your plan and I am sure you don't want that.
You've been warned.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Groupon Deal Review: - LifeSpa massage - Worth Going?

You know, I have figured that my blog should contain posts that benefit others from my personal experiences - especially those that I spent money on.
I am sure plenty of you out there have googled companies, products or items from Groupon deals before purchasing them, and reviews from bloggers would have benefited you.

SO, so... I have decided to share more about my Groupon experiences here with my readers as I do purchase their deals quite often! 

So what kind of deals do I usually spend my money on, you ask?


(I feel that body massages in Singapore are darn expensive without purchasing Groupon deals!)
As I have a friend (I shall call her "Shrek" since it's a nickname we have been calling each other since our poly days, haha) who are into body massages as much as I do, we would often share lobangs with each other and purchase deals to try.
"Well... You know, you can share all of our experiences in your blog," she suggested. 
I thought it was a pretty good idea. (So to all those bad merchants, watch out! If you are one of those who do not honor your Groupon deal, I shall post about you on my blog!)

I shall start off my first entry experience on a positive one: - Here's one deal from Groupon that we tried: (Don't worry, this is not a sponsored post or anything like that -  We freaking paid money for the services from our own pockets!!)

$27 for a Swedish or Deep Tissue Stress Relief Massage at LifeSpa

$27 is considered an attractive price for a body massage service. (Without Groupon deals in Singapore, a body massage can easily cost up to $100 and above, which is crazy)
I know it's risky, but I did not bother to check or read reviews about the place before purchasing the deal. It was a pure luck thing. I remembered both of us were desperate for a body massage and were lucky enough to book an appointment for the next day.

There are 3 outlets of LifeSpa, and we chose the one at Carlton Hotel, which was quite a convenient location.
We were WOW-ed by the place upon arrival. We felt so out of place in such an atas venue.
The reception lady was well-mannered, and passed us the forms to fill in our personal details before heading in for our massages. 
When we were told that the room was ready, we were completely overwhelmed by excitement as they brought us to a luxurious-looking suite (it was a COUPLE ROOM!! It means that we would be able to communicate with each other in the room during massage, which was an additional bonus as we didn't expect we would be given the privilege. In most massage places, a couple room requires a top-up charge and we were NOT charged a single cent for it)

It was an out-of-the-world (in a good way) kind of experience as I was dazzled by the facilities as well. Can you imagine that there was a PERSONAL TOILET as well in the room? We had all the privacy to ourselves, and there was a heater pad on the massage bed too to warm our bodies.

The masseurs were very professional as well, and I would say they do have some good skills there!
(In the past, I always had this mentality that the masseurs will not give quality service since we purchased the Groupon deals at a cheap price. I am sure most of you would have this thought, too, right?! Sometimes, things are too good to be true. However, I was proven wrong on this occasion!)

After the massage, we were given a choice to choose our tea (I opted for Ginger tea, which I love!) and we were led to a comfy resting area (We felt like princesses with such atas treatment, LOL).
When we reached, I noticed that there was even a small plate of snacks- complete with our cups of tea- ready at the table.

I always hated this. I have read reviews of many places doing hard-selling of packages and throwing customers black faces if they say "NO".
I'm someone who has difficulty saying "NO", so you can imagine how dreadful it was for me.

Well, we waited.
There was indeed a young lady approaching us with a form.
Fortunately... We were only asked a question,
"Do you do massages often?"
We shook our heads.

"Well, its okay then. See you".
And that was it! No hard-selling. Wow. This is so un...un..un..un..believable. LOL.
We were stunned like vegetables. *pun intended. ahem*
I guess it was because I indicated we were students in the forms?
 (Yeah, students are always poor okay!)

Nonetheless, I would recommend this Groupon deal to anyone who would like to give it a try. Please do note that I am only reviewing the outlet that I went, and could not verify that the services in the other outlets are the same.
Till then. stay tuned to more of my Groupon deal updates~!