Saturday, 20 September 2014

Apple fans are just... crazy

So what's raging?

Behold - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

So I came across an article below:

Thunderous rain was not enough to put off fans eager to get their hands on the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones as they camped overnight outside London's Covent Garden and Regent Street Apple stores.
In spite of the less than ideal weather, the queue of around 1,000 people outside the Covent Garden store was in high spirits this morning as they waited for the 8am opening time.
The first and second people at the head of the queue were friends Jameel Ahmed and Sam Sheikh.
Sam Sheikh (left) and friend Jameel Ahmed were the first and second people in the queue.
"We're excited about the Plus' big screen," they said. "We're hoping to get the gold one, last time we missed it."
When asked what was so special about Apple, Mr Ahmed said: "It's the usability, there's no other phone or operating system like it."
The pair have been queuing since late last week, returning home to sleep.
The pair were led in by members of staff to whoops and cheers. The rest of the queue faces a patient wait of several hours within barriers policed by security.
Across the world, Australian teenager Jack had camped outside the Apple store overnight in his hometown of Perth to ensure a spot at the front of the queue. He then promptly dropped it during a TV interview.
The queues snaking across Covent Garden piazza
Fans crane eagerly to watch customers ahead of them in the queue leave with their purchases
Each device is available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB configurations, with the iPhone 6 starting from £539, £619 for the 64 GB version and £699 for the 128GB model.
The iPhone 6 Plus will retail from £619 for 16GB, £699 for the 64GB model and £789 for the new 128GB model.
The queue to get into the Regent Street store
Zoltan Wiettchen from Hungary was the first customer to leave the Regent Street Apple store with his new purchase, after camping outside the shop for 11 days.
Zoltan Wiettchen leaves with his new phone
He purchased the iPhone 6 at 8.03am on behalf of mobile casino LeoVegas, which ran a competition for UK players who had used the site in the past week. Alex Bowman, 35, an antiques dealer who lives in Wimbledon, was randomly selected to be the lucky recipient of the phone.
There are reports from customers queuing outside the flagship Regent Street store that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has completely sold out.
"I'm getting a very wonderful feeling of success and victory," said Mr Sheikh as he emerged with his new phones. "Last year I queued for almost seven nights and every morning the manager used to come and announce 'Sorry, we don't have any gold phones in stock' and I felt like a loser. But now I am feeling that on the first day I am one of the first people who is getting the gold in his hand, so I'm feeling very excited, very contended."
The pair jump for joy at being the first to purchase the new handsets
Those towards the back of the queue faced the possibility of not being able to buy their desired model.
"We have been told if we're at the back of the queue, the chance of getting a 6 Plus are highly unlikely now," said Richard, a man queueing to buy a 6 Plus for himself and an iPhone 6 for his partner. "But, a lot of people haven't made their mind up yet, maybe they'll get up there and think 'That's too big,' stick to a standard one and we may be in luck."
Sam Sheikh and Jameel Ahmed leave with their purchases
Huge crowds have also gathered outside Glasgow's Apple store in the wake of the referendum.
Analysts have called it Apple's biggest launch ever. Stores in Australia, the first to officially sell the new phones, had over 2,000 customers, some of whom had flown around the world to be there.
Stores in Japan witnessed the largest lines ever of over 1,300 customers, spanning the distance of two subway stations.
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Seriously, I can never understand what all the fuss is about. Maybe it's just me or I don't see the big deal about owning the latest mobile phones.
Personally, a phone is just a, well, phone.
Duh. *rolls eyes*

Saturday, 13 September 2014

[Event] The Scent Lab by Singapore Polytechnic

This entry is going to be a very interesting one!! 

So I was invited by Singapore Polytechnic to their exclusive Scent Lab workshop; and I was REALLY looking forward to it in excitement.

I have always been fascinated with scents, perfumes, fragrances and stuff like that, so it was somehow a dream come true for me! 

Here's the very first sight that greeted me when I arrived at the place which is located at T11B.
Trust me, I was completely in awe.

It's not difficult to see why, isn't it?

Like seriously?! I couldn't believe my eyes that I was actually standing inside a school.
Everything just looks so darn professional!

Let me give you a virtual tour of the place - I have taken tons of pictures.

I know the main point of this post isn't about its interior design, but I have to say that I really love how the place is designed in such a futuristic manner.

The display of different famous perfume brands - I felt as though I was standing in some high-end retail store that only rich people are allowed. HAHAHA.

Can you recognize some of the bottles? Do you happen to be using any of them?

Aren't perfume bottles beautiful?! I would have been a huge perfume bottle collector if my house is big enough to display them like this! Haha.

I particularly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this section.
Unfortunately, I did not really have time to explore them individually. 

Some knowledge about Room Scents and Aromatherapy: - I am a fan of Aromatherapy!
It is extremely helpful when it comes to uplifting emotions.

Look at these transparent display cases in the shape of globes! I was really speechless, lah. 
Beautiful is too much of an understatement.

While browsing through the different display sets, I spotted this particular pair of perfume - Romance II! Do you know that they are actually SP's very own creation (and they are retailing in selective stores around Singapore as well - I have seen them!)
 I remembered I was given a set of the Romance II series by SP around two years ago, and I loved it.
In case you are wondering why there are two bottles, its actually a couple  set! Cool, right?! The female version has a floral scent, and the one for men smells, well... ...masculine.

Another close-up shot: - I didn't do any editing to the picture at all and its all taken under raw lighting! 
So romantic-looking. *stares at the picture dreamily*

Wow, I realized I have not even begun to blog about the main highlight of the event and I posted so many photos already!

So here, finally I'm going to start blogging about the workshop!

Here I found myself in the lab where students from Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science would usually have their practical lessons:
(I really love, love, love the environment here! I would be a happy student if I am one now. Haha)

I took a seat at the front table together with four other participants - and was thrilled to see all the equipment that was neatly lined up on the table in front of us.
YES YES YES, we would soon be able to create our very own perfume and bring it home by the end of the workshop!

*rubs hands in glee*

Here's a bottle of "Splash"- given to me by SP before the start of the workshop. Yes, don't be fooled by its professional-looking packaging. I was told that it isn't for sale and is EXCLUSIVE as part of its 60th Anniversary. (Yes, can you believe that Singapore Polytechnic will be turning 60 soon?!)
I'm so honored to own a bottle of this, not to mention that I LOVE the smell too. 
Thank you, SP!

We were provided lab coats and were told to wear it during the workshop. I feel like a professional perfumer already. *laughs loudly*

Of course, what's a blogger without some selfies?

I am so proud of this logo that is sewn on the lab coat:

And we were advised to wear the provided goggles as well. 

And let the adventure begin!
Here's Ms.Jessie, one of the lecturers, kick-starting the workshop.

Here's Mr Koji Santoku, a former Senior Perfumer from Takasago International (a major international producer of flavors and fragrances headquatered in Japan)! Despite having huge achievements tied to his name, he is really humble. 

Fun, fun, fun! We were given various scented paper strips and had to make a guess what the smell was. We would then label them accordingly.
Well, not all were easy to guess though! I particularly loved the strips that smell like fruits.

(We were taught to bend the scented area upwards so that the smell would not be contaminated)

After a short while, we were taught to smell our own sleeves to "refresh" our noses (it's a really useful tip!!) so there wouldn't be a "jam" in our noses from all the overpowering smell.

The more floral scents provided were rose and jasmine, etc.

After gaining a basic understanding and knowledge of how perfume fragrances work, its now showtime for us - Creating our own perfume!!!!! OMG.

Never in my life would I thought I would have a chance like this; and I have ALWAYS wanted to know how perfume fragrances work.

Do you know that there are 3 different components that make up a perfume fragrance?
They are namely the top notes, middles notes and base notes.

The first sniff that you thought is a scent you like? That is probably the top note, which will wear off after a short while. You may or may not like the middle and base notes thereafter.

I would say that perfume fragrances are very subjective.
It actually takes time before you can decide if the smell is something of your favor.

We were provided different "ingredients" to mix and play around with using small sample bottles. 

After sniffing them individually and having a rough idea what kind of scent direction I was going for, I got down to work.

Urgh, how I wish my readers can smell them too just by reading this entry. LOL.

With a fruit-floral scent idea in mind, I attempted to create it.

I started off with the Apple (it smells 100% like FRESH apples) as my base note an
d slowly added in other "ingredients". I was actually quite afraid of making a wrong move that would result in a foul smell. LOL.

As CK One has a sweet smell, I decided to mix it with my Apple base so that the Apple can smell "sweeter". I added approximately 2 drops of jasmine (just to create a tinge of floral scent), 3 drops of Lilial to "neutralise" the smell and Bergamot to create that tiny "uplifting" fragrance.

It took me 3 sample bottles to get to the final smell I wanted.
It certainly wasn't an easy task creating a satisfying perfume fragrance!

And here - The final product is born! 
Here's the SGCOMPLAINQUEEN's very own fragrance.
It has a strong tinge of fresh apple scent!

The empty bottles that were used to hold our own created perfume - I love how the words "Singapore Polytechnic" are printed on them! #loyalSPfan

A random photo of yours truly while in the midst of working on my perfume:

And here's me proudly holding my masterpiece:

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Singapore Polytechnic for the 
invitation to this workshop that has proven to be a real eye-opener! 
The new knowledge gained after the workshop was priceless - and it sure was an unforgettable experience for me.
Not to mention I had a ball of fun experimenting with the different fragrances as well, enabling me to understand better how perfume actually work.

I feel that the courses that Singapore Polytechnic offers are getting more and more exciting!
If you are one who has great interest in this area, you will be glad to know that SP actually has the course "Diploma in Perfumery & Cosmetic Science (DPCS)" that specializes in it!
Seriously, I would have given it a consideration if I were given the chance to choose my courses again.

If you are interested to find out more, do check out this link:

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Gesture of Goodwill = Obligation?

Seriously, I am pissed. 
Very, very pissed.
Yes - with SOME elderly/senior citizens/old people, or whatever you call them.

Before you start pointing your finger and making accusations that I am one ignorant youngster, please do read on what I have to say.

I never thought I would be blogging about this, but I guess it's the final straw when I experienced for myself how SOME senior citizens are taking KINDNESS for granted.

It all began when I was taking my usual train to work this morning; but I was quite desperate for a seat this time as I was feeling sick (I believe my pale face could definitely tell).
All I had hoped for was to take a short nap during my 20 minutes train journey - but it was not until I got signaled out by an auntie (she isn't reeealllly that old).

Showing me her senior citizen ez-link card as though it was some emperor card (*rolls eyes*), she went (in mandarin) "Young girl, can I have the seat because elderly like me will experience leg pain?" ( NOTE: SHE SOUNDED MUCH MORE RUDE THAN THIS IN REALITY)

Yes, I appreciate that she has at least the courtesy to ask. But seriously, she sounded like I was OBLIGATED to give up my seat to her.

Well, I did - despite the fact that I was not feeling well. I immediately stood up and she shamelessly took the seat - BUT THAT WAS NOT THE END.

When it was her stop to alight, she suddenly tapped me on my shoulder and told me to have the seat back with a REALLY black face. I smiled in return and said it was alright since I was alighting as well.  

**IT WAS THEN THAT I OVERHEARD HER TELLING ANOTHER PASSENGER TO SIT BECAUSE THEY ARE SENIOR CITIZENS, etc etc.** (It was like she was hinting to everyone that the Priority seats are MEANT for senior citizens like her. Apparently, she said it loud enough for surrounding passengers to hear and was indirectly targeting me)

Hello - let's make this clear. Being a senior citizen does not mean that you are DESERVING of the Priority seat. 
A Priority seat, basically, is a seat that is offered out of goodwill or for people whom one may think need it more. 

Gone were the days when people are giving up their seats out of PURE goodwill and sincerity.

Truth to be told, ALL of us are paying for the same amount of transport fares. It doesn't mean that I HAVE, I MUST, I SHOULD give up my seat to you just because I think that you are a "senior citizen".

So what if you are older than me? Do you bother to earn your respect? Does being a senior citizen mean that you are some special mortal that has higher powers above all?

I would say that many senior citizens/elderly/old people are pretty much SPOILT.
Probably they were given in so much that they now think that they are of "higher authority" - and have the rights to throw a tantrum should they not be offered what they THINK they deserve.

Please. Don't TAKE the kindness of others for granted.
If you are being offered something out of goodwill, be APPRECIATIVE of the privilege - and not to think that you DESERVE it. 

Of course, I always respect the elderly. I would still give up my seat if I THINK you are worthy of it.
Earn your respect FIRST. Period.

Monday, 1 September 2014

My Halloween Memories!

It's August and I smell Halloween already! 
(Yeah, I know it's still a wee bit early, but well... ...)

It's a shame that Halloween isn't a WIDELY celebrated day in Singapore; but its getting more well-known now, with thanks to annual Halloween events such as Halloween Horrors (Universal Studios) and Sentosa Spooktacular, etc.

My love for Halloween began at a really young age, with my dad bringing me to an event that was held at Jurong Bird Park (I still remembered it was called Hocus Pocus). I was deeply intrigued by those scary-looking props and being "frightened" by humans dressed in ghostly costumes. 

As years went by, I began looking out for Halloween-related events in Singapore... and even had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity working for Universal Studios during its first Halloween Horrors Night. What an honor! It became part of my memories that I will NEVER forget, and I thank God for the opportunity.

Here were a few of my dress-ups from previous years:

This was for a Halloween Audition and all 3 of us went all out for the deal!

And here's another look @ the Singapore Flyer:
With le' bff, PW. :)

The 3 of us - That's Miao on the left; I did the make-up for her and it was a success as kids were frightened!

And I was Michael Jackson last year. LOL

Ahh, so many fond memories just by looking back at my Halloween pictures. HALLOWEEN IS THE ONLY DAY WHEN I CAN DRESS UP FREELY WITHOUT ANYONE THINKING I AM CRAZY!

So.. You might be wondering what I am planning to be this year...
I have got my costume and wig ready..

YES! I will be Queen Elsa from Frozen! 
LOL. I am quite excited about the turnout though *trembles*

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates nearer to the Halloween period! I'm just as excited as you are!

P/S: Do feel free to contact me if you do know of any Halloween event in Singapore that is worth joining!