Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Honest Review: Is Alive Museum worth the price?

So I was contemplating to visit Alive Museum and finally made the move with one of my best MJ buddies, Marie.
As some of you may know, the tickets aren't cheap at $25 per pax. Being the cheapskate old me, I managed to get tickets through at $17. Hmm...Not that bad.

So.. Do I think it is worth the price?
I would rate it a so-so experience, and I'll further elaborate WHY in this post. If you are one who is deciding to make the trip down or not, you may be able to make up your mind after reading my entry.


One of the first few attractions near the entrance: - Mona Lisa!

Alive Museum is all about playing with 3D and illusions.
As below is one of our first few stops - Staying inside a mother's womb. LOL. Unfortunately, I did not pull it off really well so I shall post Marie's version here instead:

Pictures are not in exact sequence -

LOL, love her dramatic expression!

Don't cha' know Bill Gates and I are old friends?!

Stop the car!

And this is the main reason why both of us decided to visit the museum! 
MICHAEL JACKSON and his famous gravity lean from Smooth Criminal!
I remembered posting this pic on Facebook and there were quite a few number of people who were convinced that I edited this photo. 
The truth is, this is REAL. I won't expose the trick to it as it'll be a spoiler!

Kissing the legendary King of Pop. 

Chatting with Steve Jobs? LOL

Wolverine! Fierce.

Charlie Chaplin and his stick!

Kissing Spiderman (I have no idea why his mouth looks funny though. It resembles a woman's!)

Marilyn Monroe and I played a part in grabbing her skirt! LOL.

And.... Superman punched me

I kind of like this picture.. Something that is not possible for me to accomplish in reality LOL


Let's do a split!

Why is this baby bigger-sized than me and trying to pull me up?! HELP!!

I love, love, LOVE this scene here! It looks so serene and full of tranquility.
If only I could take a pic with my bf here..



Overall, I would say that it is an EXHAUSTING experience. While we may look like we are having fun in the photos, it was an extremely taxing task to pose and come up with quirky expressions. 
(Both of us ended up having leg pain issues and I had to visit a masseur the next day LOL)

Not to mention that we experienced space constraint in some areas of the museum and the feeling was one of the most IRRITATING experiences ever.
Imagine posing for a photo without peace as there were other visitors walking in and out (with some of them obstructing and standing in your way while you are trying to capture a good photo). In some of the scenes, I felt so uneasy posing (I was trying to act all crazy) as I felt many different stares from the visitors who were standing around and waiting for their turn.

If you haven't realized, there were not many photos (in fact, majority of them) that do not have both Marie and I in the shot together. We can't possibly ask a photographer along and had to take individual photos. Urgh.

Oh, and I have to mention that Alive Museum is not affiliated to another museum that is located @ Sentosa, Trick Eye Museum. I did not really want to emphasize this, but there are people who might be confused with the two.
Alive Museum is located at Suntec, and is designed differently from Trick Eye Museum. (But the 3D concept is still the same, lah)
While the 3D effects may look amazing, they rely mostly on ANGLES. If you are taking the photographs at a wrong angle, they will turn out looking all wrong.. and weird.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Are Polyclinics for REAL?!

Sooo.. A few days ago, I came down with fever and had to call in sick.
Visiting private doctors are not on my priority list as their services can get really expensive, hence I always choose the cheaper option like most people - Visiting Polyclinics.

But how much can you trust the diagnosis by Polyclinic doctors?

I am not trying to say that ALL polyclinic doctors are bad. No. I believe some of them can be really good,  but probably it was unfortunate that my PERSONAL encounters with them were not on the positive side.

My most recent experience was one of the more appalling ones.
 I suppose it is a standard procedure for everyone to have their temperature/blood pressure checked before waiting in line to see the doctor. Everyone knows it.
To my surprise, I was told that checking of my temperature was unnecessary and the staff did not bother to attend to me after that.
Another patient who was waiting in line as well was surprised when I told her that they did not take my temperature.

Well, since I thought the doctor would be doing the necessary later on - I just sat down and waited for my turn.

After 2 hours of what seemed to be endless waiting, my number was finally called. 

"Hi, how may I help you today?" the doctor asked.

"Oh, I had high fever yesterday night but it seemed to have gone down today. I'm feeling a bit groggy though."

At this point, ANY standard procedure would be to at least CHECK my temperature, right? 
Well, WRONG.

There was NO checking of my condition at all, and I was only told to turn around so he could listen to my heartbeat through the stethoscope.

"Okay, very good".  He concluded.

"Any flu or running nose?"

Remembering that I indeed had running nose earlier that morning, I reported accordingly.
"Yes, I had it this morning, but I do not have it now."

 So that was it.

Imagine my surprise when I collected my medication.
It turned out to be a packet of medicine specially for RUNNING NOSE.

So here's another encounter:
I remembered there was once I had a slight infection on the side of my face. It was so freaking' itchy and I had nasty little bumps that were really ugly. Errk. I went to the Polyclinic to get my condition diagnosed and was told by the doctor that those were HIVES.

Seriously? It doesn't take a fool to see that those nasty bumps have nothing to do with hives. (It's a pity that I did not take any photo of my condition back then else you guys would know what I meant)
I went to another doctor in the clinic eventually and was told a different story. The second doctor told me that they looked like they were ONLY PIMPLES and gave me a pimple cream.
And behold - Both are doctors from the same polyclinic.
One of my friends shared with me her encounter, too -and hers was more of a horrific experience. 
She was concluded to be normal and healthy at the polyclinic but was later found to be a tumour when examined by a specialist.

There is another thing I realized about Polyclinic doctors - Some of them treat the patients like they are here to CHEAT THEIR WAY FOR A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (MC).
Personally, I am one person who do not like to take MC.
There were times I rejected MCs from Polyclinic doctors for non-serious issues. Do they think that everyone's purpose for visiting them is to GET A MC?!
Does that give them the right not to give a proper diagnosis? 
I have always felt that they are not 100% serious about giving a proper diagnosis - and more often that not, issue MC like they are FREE. 
It's no wonder why many students like to abuse the system and get countless MCs just to skip school lessons. 

I had no idea before, but I DO NOW. Witnessing how the system works in polyclinics, I can only shake my head and seek private clinics in future. Granted that they may be more expensive, but the diagnosis is more precise and I don't get brushed off easily, at least.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

It's shopping time again - New Look Women's !!

I get excited whenever it comes to October as it is a combination of Halloween and my BIRTHDAY! *hint hint*

And I would unknowingly spend more than I should on shopping for birthday clothes. (It's a natural thing RIGHT?!)
Just that I have more options this time ever since my choices expanded to taking my shopping spree ONLINE instead.
(Okay... I am not entirely sure if this is a good or bad thing)

And of course... What's a shopping spree without trying my luck at ZALORA?! 
I'm checking out one of the latest "New Look" series - and I managed to spot something I like within 5 minutes of scrolling. =_= Damn.


I remembered I have friends asking me about the shirt sizes and how I was so confident in getting them without worrying they aren't my fitting size.

Well. EASY.

Here's one of the examples I screenshot from the "New Look" series:

Under the "Size Details" tab for each apparel, everything will be stated clearly - and there is even the model's body measurements for reference as well. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH THAT :)
I know I can always trust Zalora for the measurements because I've been there, done that.
Nothing beats a real life experience!

You know, I love and hate Zalora at the same time.

"Okay, I am just going to get a dress and that's it." I would think to myself.
Naive me.
I ended up shopping under other categories, and the promotions that Zalora came up with ain't making my pockets any better.

Such a fulfillment to my retail therapy. 
I'm thinking if I should start shopping for Christmas too (even though it's a tad early, but... ...)
Urgh... I can't blog and shop at the same time... So I'm going to focus on my shopping for now.

If you guys are interested to join me as well, check out NEW LOOK WOMEN'S.

I suggest that you brew yourself a cup of coffee and sit down for it..

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Random 13 Facts about Me

1) My dialect is Hokkien. However, I can't listen or speak a word of it. (except for those common words that are often heard) Yes, and it isn't putting me at any advantage because people often talk bad about me in Hokkien and I couldn't understand a word of it. #(*$&(#$&

2) People laugh whenever I said this - But yes, I have MAJOR stage fright. More than anyone can imagine.

3) Many would describe me as having a bubbly/cheerful personality. However, my true nature sometimes reflect the opposite as I can get very negative at times.

4) I am quite an anti-social person. As a blogger, people often have the misconception that I have a large social circle. While it may be true for other bloggers, it isn't the same for me. I have difficulty initiating conversations and keeping them going. Funnily enough, I am often not a choice that people would pick to approach.

5) I love singing and have aspired to be a singer ever since I was... 14? I was given opportunities to be groomed after being spotted by a music producer once but forego them due to my major stage fright. It has always been one of my biggest regrets in life but well... Life still moves on, right?

6) I used to dislike Michael Jackson. I only became a fan after his death and I am honest about it.

7) My favorite color is orange. Oh, maybe red and black, too.

8) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween. And I love the fact that my birthday falls within the season.

9) I treasure my loved ones more than myself.

10) I am a super, duper LOW maintenance person. I have never owned any clothing or apparel that cost more than $30. And yes, call me cheapskate - I prefer Kopitams and Coffeeshops to high class restaurants. Personally, high class restaurants are only meant for celebration of special occasions.

11) When it comes to love and relationship, I am a complete noob. However, I am one person that will stay faithful and loyal to my special one while giving him the best that I can.

12) I love to eat chicken rice without the chicken meat.. and duck rice without the duck meat. In case you are wondering whether I am joking, I am not.

13) Here's a surprising fact to people who will NEVER believe that I was once a sporty person - I used to play basketball, badminton (I LOVE PLAYING BADMINTON!!!) and cycling when I was young. Unfortunately, I grew up lazy and am spoilt rotten at home now. Gradually, sports became the last thing on my mind.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photoshoot with my Shreky!

It has been some time since I last had a photoshoot (Not that my current photoshoot is an official one anyway), but it is more like a fun and special one.

So... Why is it special, you ask?

I totally LOVE the selfie concept that is incorporated in the studio. In other words, there is NO photographer present at all.
Yes, no more excuses of being camera-shy! For all you know, you may end up loving the experience.

You are your OWN photographer with a handheld remote control that can be easily hidden or camouflaged if you know how.

 You are allowed the whole studio to yourself to go crazy with poses without being paranoid that there will be anyone laughing at you.

That's me with my shreky - It was her first time going for such photoshoots and we had lots of fun!

There were different various types of props and wigs as well that we played around with - Here's one of the crazier shots (Her expression is epic here!) Haha

I know what you are thinking there - No. I am straight. Straight as a ruler, ok?

But that doesn't stop me from loving my shreky nonetheless.
(We are "legally" married on Facebook afterall! LOL)

We took approximately 200+ over shots - but I can't possibly post them all here.
Anyway, thank you so much for the fun experience! I love the fact that the photos are all burned to a disc at the end of the session (It's FREE!) and we can have each and every shot taken- be it good or bad.

Photoshoots can be lots of fun with the right people!

Thank you to my laopo Shreky for the session! :) I hope you love the photographs as much as I do too!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Apple fans are just... crazy

So what's raging?

Behold - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

So I came across an article below:

Thunderous rain was not enough to put off fans eager to get their hands on the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones as they camped overnight outside London's Covent Garden and Regent Street Apple stores.
In spite of the less than ideal weather, the queue of around 1,000 people outside the Covent Garden store was in high spirits this morning as they waited for the 8am opening time.
The first and second people at the head of the queue were friends Jameel Ahmed and Sam Sheikh.
Sam Sheikh (left) and friend Jameel Ahmed were the first and second people in the queue.
"We're excited about the Plus' big screen," they said. "We're hoping to get the gold one, last time we missed it."
When asked what was so special about Apple, Mr Ahmed said: "It's the usability, there's no other phone or operating system like it."
The pair have been queuing since late last week, returning home to sleep.
The pair were led in by members of staff to whoops and cheers. The rest of the queue faces a patient wait of several hours within barriers policed by security.
Across the world, Australian teenager Jack had camped outside the Apple store overnight in his hometown of Perth to ensure a spot at the front of the queue. He then promptly dropped it during a TV interview.
The queues snaking across Covent Garden piazza
Fans crane eagerly to watch customers ahead of them in the queue leave with their purchases
Each device is available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB configurations, with the iPhone 6 starting from £539, £619 for the 64 GB version and £699 for the 128GB model.
The iPhone 6 Plus will retail from £619 for 16GB, £699 for the 64GB model and £789 for the new 128GB model.
The queue to get into the Regent Street store
Zoltan Wiettchen from Hungary was the first customer to leave the Regent Street Apple store with his new purchase, after camping outside the shop for 11 days.
Zoltan Wiettchen leaves with his new phone
He purchased the iPhone 6 at 8.03am on behalf of mobile casino LeoVegas, which ran a competition for UK players who had used the site in the past week. Alex Bowman, 35, an antiques dealer who lives in Wimbledon, was randomly selected to be the lucky recipient of the phone.
There are reports from customers queuing outside the flagship Regent Street store that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has completely sold out.
"I'm getting a very wonderful feeling of success and victory," said Mr Sheikh as he emerged with his new phones. "Last year I queued for almost seven nights and every morning the manager used to come and announce 'Sorry, we don't have any gold phones in stock' and I felt like a loser. But now I am feeling that on the first day I am one of the first people who is getting the gold in his hand, so I'm feeling very excited, very contended."
The pair jump for joy at being the first to purchase the new handsets
Those towards the back of the queue faced the possibility of not being able to buy their desired model.
"We have been told if we're at the back of the queue, the chance of getting a 6 Plus are highly unlikely now," said Richard, a man queueing to buy a 6 Plus for himself and an iPhone 6 for his partner. "But, a lot of people haven't made their mind up yet, maybe they'll get up there and think 'That's too big,' stick to a standard one and we may be in luck."
Sam Sheikh and Jameel Ahmed leave with their purchases
Huge crowds have also gathered outside Glasgow's Apple store in the wake of the referendum.
Analysts have called it Apple's biggest launch ever. Stores in Australia, the first to officially sell the new phones, had over 2,000 customers, some of whom had flown around the world to be there.
Stores in Japan witnessed the largest lines ever of over 1,300 customers, spanning the distance of two subway stations.
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Seriously, I can never understand what all the fuss is about. Maybe it's just me or I don't see the big deal about owning the latest mobile phones.
Personally, a phone is just a, well, phone.
Duh. *rolls eyes*