Saturday, 19 July 2014

RIP MH17...

After reading and knowing so much about the recent Malaysia Airlines (MH17) crash, I can't help but feel emotional over the fragility of life. 

Who would have thought, one who was so much alive a day before would have his/her life taken away just like this...

I came across different online reports that showed the social media accounts belonging to MH17 passengers. I had mixed feelings while looking at those images that became so haunting... ...
(Yes, the fact that THAT particular image is the last photograph ever taken...)

And there's even a video taken before plane departure:

Imagine those loved ones whom the victims left behind; I am sure the emotional pain is beyond any imagination.

This may sound silly, but I do have slight phobia of taking planes (especially after the MH370 incident) and I'm afraid that this phobia isn't going away anytime for now.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Unleashing the Shopaholic in me at Zalora!

Gaaah... ...I have been so busy lately that I just couldn't find the time to do some physical shopping!
That is when I truly appreciate the invention of internet; the virtual world where online shopping never fails to satisfy the craving in me!

Coincidentally, I have been receiving alot of discount codes from ZALORA lately; (I believe many of you have received them through different platforms as well; as what I heard from my friends and colleagues!) and YES - It's definitely one of the best period to do some shopping with... lesser damage to your wallet!

(Sometimes, I do not know whether to hate or love ZALORA! I always have to resist the temptation to add everything I see to the cart. *growls*)
Just today, I went to the site again and was greeted with a message:

AAAHH.. Should I click? Should I click?

There are so many new additions to the site - and the kiasu me will always check out the SALE corner. Some of the prices are slashed at more than 50% - 80% off! Crazy or what?!!

*inserts appalled expression here*

(Believe me, I have to spend more than one hour on the site just to browse and choose my desired apparel! There are simply TOO many choices. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Even though I am no Malay, I am totally loving the Hari Raya category on the site. I have to admit, every single piece screams Elegance!
(Not to mention that the prices are reasonable, too.)

Having shopped at Zalora before and having a positive experience with them, I can totally place my trust on their items. 

I have friends asking me, "Why Zalora? Really that good meh?!"

And one of the reasons would be that Zalora offers many designs that are NEVER seen before in physical stores - Yet at reasonable prices.
I regard it as a virtual place to shop for ANY clothing for ANY occasion. And I am not exaggerating on that one. It seems to be a one-stop site for unexpected finds!
Definitely highly recommended by me - The SG Complain Queen*inserts proud expression here*

Well... Ultimately, actions speak louder than words.
Hop on over to ZALORA SINGAPORE to take a look if you haven't!(Don't forget to subscribe to them for their discount voucher!!!)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Chemical Peeling Journey - 2nd session with Dr Tyng Tan

After my first Chemical Peeling session (click here to read about it), I have returned for my 2nd one last week!
I know there are readers who have inquired about the prices, etc, so do read on if you would like to find out more at the end of this post!

There are more *juicy* photographs for you readers out there this time as I have brought a kind friend along who agreed to be my photographer of the day (Thank you!)

So here I am again for my 2nd visit to Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetic and Hair Clinic located at Ngee Ann City!

I hope I don't scare any of you off with my makeup-less face; but here goes - Yours truly getting ready for the Chemical Peeling session.

Dr Tyng Tan commented that my skin complexion has gotten better since my first treatment. I was showered with positive compliments from friends too so I am really thankful that Chemical Peeling works well for me!
Of course - I still have to go through a few more sessions to achieve the desired results.
Yes, I experienced stress for a short period and had mild outbreak since my first session.

Here's how the process actually looked like; which was not featured earlier in my first post as I went alone.
And this is Dr Tyng Tan's lovely assistant, Vivian (I love chatting with her! She's so friendly :)) , helping out with the basic cleansing of my face before the procedure:

Look at how focused she was! Haha.
(And I think I looked like I was in a damn relaxed state)

*cleanse* *cleanse*
Seriously, it indeed felt kinda' relaxing - as though I am in the midst of a facial session!

It was a speedy cleansing phase - and Dr Tyng Tan came into the room next to proceed on with my Chemical Peeling session!

Yes - Here's the professional Dr Tyng Tan at work! :)

Nope - The session hasn't begun yet.
It's just the preparatory stage.

LOL - The thought of having a smoother and brighter complexion again made me happy.

OK... Now it's starting...
(As it was my 2nd time, I was not feeling as nervous as my first since I somehow knew what to expect.)

I know this may probably look like a painful procedure, but trust me - It is not AT ALL from my personal perspective. 
Dr Tyng Tan was very thoughtful and cautious throughout the process ; and was continuously checking if I would experience any discomfort.

And yep - the whole Chemical Peeling process only lasted for a standard 2 minutes (Yes, there's not even enough time for you to fear or worry about!)
Before you know it, you are done with the session!

So what is my 2nd experience like?
I would say that I did feel itchiness on certain parts of my face after the procedure but they went away pretty quickly. (Around 5 - 10 minutes!)

Here's my face being "cleaned" up - Totally unedited:

And this photo is specially taken to show you how my face looked like immediately after the procedure - There was slight redness (especially on my forehead area) as pictured.
But I think it wasn't too bad, was it?

My friend caught a nice moment pic of Dr Tyng Tan and I in the midst of a chat!
Yeah, she's a very friendly lady!

Vivian was soon back to pat some sunblock on my face as I was heading out that day after the chemical peeling session.
(A tip that I learned from her: Never RUB sunblock on your face. Just pat gently on the surface area of your face so that it will remain as a protective layer instead of letting it ABSORB into your skin; which is wrong)

Yes, one thing about chemical peeling is that one cannot be exposed to the sun as much as possible! Other than that, I was able to resume to normal activities. *smiles in glee*
My friend commented that I didn't look disastrous or anything after the chemical peeling session too - so that was a plus point!

Now I'm officially done with my 2nd session!

So you might be wondering how my skin complexion looks like currently at Day 7 - Which I have just taken today!
Here's a close-up, totally unedited with only brightness enhancement due to the dim lighting.
Similarly like my previous session, it's not 100% flawless - but definitely a GREAT improvement to my skin complexion.
Somehow, I feel more confident going out with a naked face after my 2 Chemical Peeling sessions. Unlike the past, I was ALWAYS paranoid after being photographed without any make-up on. My skin would look so disastrous that I had to to some filtering  or editing to make it look look...erm..better.

Not exactly 100% obvious changes, but acne scars became apparently lighter and skin has a smoother complexion.   

So hey - I am really thankful to witness my skin coming to life again after those amazing chemical sessions. 
My skin did not experience much visible peeling (I guess that's a good thing throughout the downtime period of 5 days. However, I had to practice caution when going out (I purchased a sunblock of SPF 50+!) and carry an umbrella at all times. It sure doesn't help having such a super HOT weather (so HOT that it's bizarre) nowadays and I felt as though my skin is going to burn anytime. *paranoid*

And YES - I'll be answering questions that some of you have asked after I posted my first entry with regards to Chemical Peeling, which is the PRICE.
It's $150 per session, and there is no FIXED number of sessions that you must "sign up" for. (There are readers asking me if there are any special rates for packages as well. For that, you'll have to call the clinic at +65 62350010 to enquire more details about it if you are really determined to find out more!)

Different individuals experience different results - Some may be just contented with one session.
Of course, the most ideal option is to have Dr Tyng Tan access your skin condition before deciding on the number of sessions that your skin will require.

I'll be going for 5 sessions in total - So yeah, 3 more to go and I'm really excited about the results!
Of course, I will be blogging all of my sessions down on here.. So do check back my blog for my 3rd session! :)

If you would like to check out more on Chemical Peeling, do feel free to log on to:

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Trick Eye Museum ... Disappointment

Life has been pretty much occupied lately - with good companion, food and activities (so much that I am becoming more of an offline than online person... which probably explains the reason why my blog is growing cobwebs!)

Well... Being an offline person isn't entirely a bad idea though. I do think it's healthier in a way.

I've been wanting to visit the highly anticipated Trick Eye Museum (I have seen so many posts on my Facebook and was getting insanely envious of people who managed to make it there during the promotion period). I have been wanting to visit the museum even before it came to Singapore!! It was probably the only reason why I had wished to visit Korea as it was launched there. (But since it's now in Singapore... OF COURSE I was ecstatic!)

Lady Luck wasn't really on my side though. This was what happened when I was there last week with my bff.

Seriously... 360 minutes? That equates to 6 freaking HOURS.
Who in the RIGHT mind would queue up for 6 hours just to enter the museum, especially when it was estimated that it would be near their closing hour after the 6 hours wait?
This is just... Outrageous. (Seriously, I could not find a better adjective to describe the ridiculous timing)
So I asked the staff and was told that the overwhelming response was due to the 50% promotion on their ticket prices and it happened to be the last day of the offer last week. Well.. Singaporeans are just so, so kiasu. *wrinkles nose*

So I sulked and went back, feeling a great sense of disappointment. (It was a lucky thing that admission to Sentosa was free and I did not pay a single cent to enter the area; else I would have lodged a complaint!)

Not sure if I will be visiting the place again since the ticket are back to their original price of $25. 

Anyway, I've heard that there is another museum in Singapore with similar theme - Alive Muesum. I'll be visiting the place sometime this month with my friend - Hopefully it'll be a successful trip this time *growls*

Saturday, 21 June 2014

2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition - Fun Experience!

OMG! I have been procrastinating to blog for the longest time ever. 
I'll be updating a few entries this week (hopefully), so do stay tuned!
(And for those regular blog readers who have been returning to my blog daily, thank you for your support! You guys know who you are, silent readers!)

So I paid a visit to the 2 Degree Ice art Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands during last weekend. (Like FINALLY!) The tickets used to be so friggin' expensive that I am glad I made the right choice NOT to go. The prices are now almost half the original prices as the exhibition will be closed soon.
($32 for TWO tickets on weekends!)
Of course, you'll have to rent their thick coat if you do not own one at $5 each; and purchase their gloves at $2. Being the cheapskate old me, I brought along my own jacket and went without any gloves. LOL.

Especially with such a bizarre HOT weather recently, it was heaven to feel such coldness against my skin. (Although I have to admit that it was TOO cold and my fingers were all numb!)

Me in front of the Big Ben. LOL.

Those ice sculptures are really magical~


There was this ice slope that reminded me of Snow City. I had a go at it and it was fun as I slid down - revealing the little girl in me as I screamed. HAHA.

Looks unreal - isn't it?

Ice Dinosaur!

It was a fun experience (Although the area was quite small and took me only a short while to navigate around the place)
Still... I am glad I had the chance to visit the exhibition before it is closed for good on 22nd June 2014.
It's not often that we have such interesting exhibits in Singapore anyway!
(And yes, credits to my lovely friend for helping me with the photography. You know who you are!)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Shop Sephora at Zalora!

I believe most girls would have heard of this brand SEPHORA at least once in their lives. No?
Think shopping malls.

Basically, SEPHORA is a brand that sells a wide range of high-quality make-up, skincare products, etc. I have friends who are simply huge fans of Sephora as they do offer exclusive products that can only be found in their stores!

Now here's something that can make shopaholics squeal. (Especially if you are a huge Sephora fan)
They are now OFFICIALLY on the ZALORA site!
(Say Yay!)
In other words, shopping has been made easier - and with such a renowned brand like ZALORA- You can feel completely safe about the experience!

One thing I love shopping on the ZALORA site is because of its clean and user-friendly interface. 
Just one look + click and you'll be able to find everything being displayed there nicely!

Here are some examples of their make-up products. Brushes, palettes, mascaras... You name it, they have it!
(I am sure make-up gurus will love these!)

Just hover your cursor over the picture on their page and you'll be able to see a super close-up version of the item.

Its like doing physical shopping at the store itself, just that you are at the comfort of your own home.

Of course, there are many MORE items listed there, including perfumes, body care, nail care, etc.
I have been to the physical store once and I simply love the women fragrances!

And yes - Another plus factor that I love shopping on ZALORA site is its FILTER feature. I could filter the products by popularity, price, etc. 
You will never miss out on them this way!
Why is online shopping so convenient now, ah??! *shakes head in utter amazement*

I wish I could list my favorite items down here, but there are indeed too many. I believe most of the common in-store products can be found on the site too! You will never get yourself "lost" in the physical store again as you can find the items easily there. 

So... You ready for some shopping fun now?
 (Hey, don't you think that kinda' rhymes? Haha!)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Going Taiwan the Free & Easy Way!

Finally - All hail my Taiwan trip! 
Well, it wasn't my first time going Taiwan (my first trip was through tour); but I realized that I did not benefit much in terms of experience joining a group tour.
Imagine getting up so early in the morning, touring around everywhere with limited time constraint, being brought to places that you have no intention of going but YET have to according to the fixed itinerary, etc.
So this time, my family decided to go FREE & EASY (F&E)!

We snagged a good deal on the Scoot website (Damn, I woke up early specially to book the air tickets as they have special promotion from 7am to 9am). It cost us only less than $300 for two-way tickets! Cheap or what?!

Of course, going the Free & Easy way has its pros and cons as well. There will be no tour guide looking after you, and you'll have to do your own research to find out ways of navigating around the country. In short, you have to create an itinerary for yourself and find out places that interest you.
I did intensive research and read tons of blogs for places that others went to; so somehow I came up with my own version which I'll share on my blog here (Come on, I am not selfish! I share because I care! Haha)
I hope that my blog post will be beneficial to anyone who will be traveling to Taiwan!

However, please do note that some of the photos are not of top notch quality as they were taken using my mobile phone (It was RAINING almost everyday and I could not take out my precious DSLR to capture the moments! :( )

So here was my Day 1 - Nan Ya Night Market (南雅夜市)
My first day of Taipei was quite "wasted" as I reached there around evening time, definitely not enough to tour around much except for the night market that is situated near my apartment!
(I called it an apartment because I did NOT really stay in a hotel. In Taiwan, they called it "Min Su". It's much more cheaper; but has its pros and cons as well. Do read on to find out more!)

In preparation for this Taiwan trip, I did quite a number of advanced bookings online; including car transportation to and fro from airport to my apartment.
I feel that it is essential to book in advance as it is freaking expensive to hail for a cab from Taoyuan airport to Taipei. A single trip can easily cost up to NT 1000 to NT 1,200 via cab.
With advanced booking of a car, each single trip only cost me NT 750 - which is considered VERY CHEAP. In fact, its the cheapest fare that I found after so much intensive research.
Of course, if you are one that really want to save the money, take the bus. (BUT IT IS GOING TO BE QUITE A HASSLE AND TIME CONSUMING. IT MAY TAKE UP TO around 2 HOURS TO REACH TAIPEI)

Here is the contact; for anyone who would like to book a car like I did:
趙先生 (Mr Zhao) 0936-994-558
The driver who picks you up may or may not be Mr Zhao; but be rest assured that your transport will be well taken care of after making arrangements through him! I can vouch for his professionalism. The driver that was arranged for us is VERY punctual. 

Oh yes, did I mention that it is essential to get a SIM card at the airport, too? There are different stations catering to such mobile services situated within the airport (you will be able to spot them easily; but in case you don't - just ask around and the staff members around the area will be able to point you to the right direction! Don't worry, Taiwanese people are extremely friendly) I am advising everyone to get their local SIM card (it comes with different packages and you can choose which suit you best. I chose the 7-day package and it cost me around SGD 20) as data roaming may kill you! From what I know, Singtel charges $25 per MB if you decide to use your own's.
By purchasing their local SIM card, you can just pay a flat rate of $20 and enjoy UNLIMITED data usage throughout the journey!

So the unfortunate happened while we were on our way to Taipei. It was raining :(
Took this quick snap with my mobile phone while in the car.
Artistic, huh?

It took us around 40 minutes to reach Fu Zhong (near Ban Qiao) area where my apartment was. 
Here's the name of my apartment which I booked through Asiarooms
Oversleep Taipei (台北睡過頭小窩)
LOL, sounds funny, I know. But trust me - They offer one of the cheapest rates here with around SGD 70+ per night! Honestly, most hotels in Taipei are not cheap and easily cost up to SGD 80 & above.
So what is the difference between staying in an apartment and a hotel, you ask?

Well, basically you do your own chores. There is no room service, no daily bedsheet changing or whatsoever. It's like renting a room and you have it all to yourself. However, the apartment is designed exclusively like a hotel! Basic necessities such as washing machine, mineral water, towels, slippers, etc are provided. If you happen to run out of anything or require certain services, there is still someone to contact and he will see to it.

So I called the in-charge upon reaching the venue. He came down to fetch us with an umbrella and boy, was he friendly!
From carrying my dad's luggage to guiding us around the area, I felt at ease. 
After explaining and showing us around the apartment which we would be staying for the next 6 days, we were handed the keys and voila!! We could finally unpack our luggage and begin our Free & Easy journey in Taipei!

Here's a peek of our apartment - Don't you just love the bed sheets?
(Ah, I'm missing this place already!)

By the time we were done with our unpacking for the night, we felt really exhausted and hungry. Fortunately for us, our apartment is located at a VERY convenient location. Stores such as 7-11, Family Marts and even night market are all within walking distance.
(Did I mention that it is only a 3-min walk to the MRT station, too?!)
However, we were really tired and ended up "anyhow" entering random food places that we came across.
We settled for a restaurant-like place known as "No Name" (LOL) and ordered random vegetables with rice.
Guess what I ordered:

YES, its 臭豆腐 (Stinky Tofu)! :)
Something that is rare in Singapore but common in Taiwan - I am so digging this!
Of course, not everyone finds the smell or taste acceptable (my mum almost vomited). Personally, I LOVE it so much and don't find it smelly at all.
There are 2 kinds of Stinky Tofus that you'll be able to spot in Taiwan - Wet and dry ones. I'm fine with both!

Looking through the window, I spot something familiar.
Is that... Partyworld?!?!

One of the activities that I planned for my Taiwan tour was to visit their karaoke lounges. I have heard of how Taiwanese people love singing; and I was so eager to try out their karaoke systems!
Unfortunately, I did not try out the services at their Partyworld as the rates are VERY expensive. I tried another karaoke lounge during my 6th day (Do stay tuned to my blog if you are interested to hear about it!)

So I basically ended my Day 1 at Taipei just like that. 

During Day 2, I got my parents to purchase the Easycard - 悠遊卡(it's like our local Ez-link card) with NT 500. Trust me, it's an essential thing to do if you are intending to travel free & easy around Taipei. By getting an Easycard, you are actually saving alot on transportation cost if you are depending on the MRT, bus, railway trains to travel around the city. 
The Easycard can be purchased at all MRT control stations and even 7-11 stores as well! I'll say its worth it because any unused amount can be refunded with only 20 NT processing fee deducted.
Alternatively, you may choose to keep it and not having it refunded if you are planning to re-visit Taiwan again. If I am not wrong, the card does not have expiry! :)

Wu Fen Pu is one of the well-known places in Taipei that sell cheaper stuff. They are wholesalers and have sales racks - If you are lucky, you can snag a beautiful dress at only NT 100 (which is around SGD 4.20 only!) I managed to get a few really nice apparels at a price that is impossible in Singapore.
To get to Wu Fen Pu, you will have to take the MRT to Hou Shan Pi MRT station:
(I find that their trains are actually quite similar to Singapore's, but more comfy and spacious!)

Before visiting Wu Fen Pu, I took my parents to settle our lunch at Hu Xu Zhang Ru Rou Fan (鬍鬚張魯肉飯), one of the famous braised pork rice stores in Taipei. My colleagues introduced this place and highly recommended it; so I was kinda' thrilled as my dad is a huge fan of braised pork rice!

Seee.. It was raining again - The floor was all wet!

The rice comes in two sizes - Small and Big.  (Only around $1 and $2 ?!?!)
I don't think the small bowl is enough if you are a huge eater or one with enormous appetite; so just go ahead with the big size!

I'm going to post some seriously appetite-inducing pictures, so beware - I am not responsible for any saliva dripping from your mouth! LOL.

Here's the interior of the place:
Their service was really fast and efficient!

Close-up pic of the Ru Rou rice: 

My family ordered these:

Another close-up to tickle your taste buds:
*being evil here*

The soup tasted delicious, too! :)

An extra addition to our meal:

Veggies. I didn't really touch this. My dad did.

Go Google it, I think its called Formosa Chang in english. :) You'll discover that there are positive reviews about this gem almost everywhere! Highly popular place, I would say.

We headed to Wu Fen Pu next, and unfortunately... I couldn't capture many nice photographs on that one as it was raining darn heavily. Seriously, it was a total mood-spoiler. 
I still managed to shop (in an uncomfortable way, though). Got two beautiful dresses at only around $4.20 each which was a damn good steal!
My parents found a little "cafe" near a temple there - and we sat down to have our tea while waiting for the rain to stop.
Nice leaf design...

Evidence of the rain!

I bought a cute apparel for my famous teddy from Wu Fen Pu.
(He is supposed to be a guy, but well... just take it as cross-dressing *rolls eyes*)

I got another piece that is really fluffy and cute!! Unfortunately, it is too big for him :(
I had to sell it away to a friend.

I guess that marks the end of my Day 1 and 2 at Taipei... Stay tuned for more updates on my Taiwan trip! Next up is my hair perming experience at Xi Men Ding! :)