Monday, 1 September 2014

My Halloween Memories!

It's August and I smell Halloween already! 
(Yeah, I know it's still a wee bit early, but well... ...)

It's a shame that Halloween isn't a WIDELY celebrated day in Singapore; but its getting more well-known now, with thanks to annual Halloween events such as Halloween Horrors (Universal Studios) and Sentosa Spooktacular, etc.

My love for Halloween began at a really young age, with my dad bringing me to an event that was held at Jurong Bird Park (I still remembered it was called Hocus Pocus). I was deeply intrigued by those scary-looking props and being "frightened" by humans dressed in ghostly costumes. 

As years went by, I began looking out for Halloween-related events in Singapore... and even had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity working for Universal Studios during its first Halloween Horrors Night. What an honor! It became part of my memories that I will NEVER forget, and I thank God for the opportunity.

Here were a few of my dress-ups from previous years:

This was for a Halloween Audition and all 3 of us went all out for the deal!

And here's another look @ the Singapore Flyer:
With le' bff, PW. :)

The 3 of us - That's Miao on the left; I did the make-up for her and it was a success as kids were frightened!

And I was Michael Jackson last year. LOL

Ahh, so many fond memories just by looking back at my Halloween pictures. HALLOWEEN IS THE ONLY DAY WHEN I CAN DRESS UP FREELY WITHOUT ANYONE THINKING I AM CRAZY!

So.. You might be wondering what I am planning to be this year...
I have got my costume and wig ready..

YES! I will be Queen Elsa from Frozen! 
LOL. I am quite excited about the turnout though *trembles*

Stay tuned to my blog for more updates nearer to the Halloween period! I'm just as excited as you are!

P/S: Do feel free to contact me if you do know of any Halloween event in Singapore that is worth joining!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

What?! ZALORA is NOT a scam!

I remembered someone who once asked me "Is Zalora a scam?" (Yeah, apparently he had gotten a few Zalora vouchers from some promotional event and was doubtful of its credibility)

Being someone whom have had a pleasant experience with Zalora, I was quick to say "OF COURSE NOT! You should have seen them for yourself!"
It's not because I am a blogger that I experienced such great service (I shopped under them with a different alias), and I have non-blogger friends who absolutely love shopping at Zalora for their fashion needs as well!

 I have to admit I love and hate Zalora at the same time though. There were so many a time when I felt confident that I wouldn't be tempted by their products BUT ended up filling up my shopping cart which was intended to be empty.


Not to mention that being kiasu is also an important trait. I once came across a dress that I fell in love with and bookmarked it - only to discover that it was out of stock soon after. *grits teeth*

The Zalora website is always transforming with latest offers and updates:
(And now many GUYS love shopping at Zalora as they cater alot of products specifically for men too; unlike other shopping sites that offer mainly female clothings)

At least you know Zalora isn't sexist. LOL.

And Zalora has its own label!!!
Now that's definitely exclusive.

Some of the designs from their own label (Below $30!! Can you (#*%# believe it??!):

I would think its recommended if you shop at Zalora with your friends as there is FREE shipping over $40. Yes, so you don't have to pay a single cent to have the products delivered to your house!
Be prepared to spend hours or probably half a day to browse through their items though. There are simply TOO many, I repeat, TOO MANY (and I am not exaggerating) to choose from.
I no longer find physical shopping a MUST anymore because the choices at Zalora are so much more exquisite!!!

Do check out ZALORA SG now. If you haven't heard of them before (which I highly doubt so), it's time you should.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

What do you mean... ...Hello Kitty is NOT a Cat?!?!

So news have it that Hello Kitty is not a cat afterall... Or is she??
As I am not really a huge Hello Kitty fan, I guess I ain't bothered by this sudden fact.
But I still have to say that Hello Kitty IS a cat.

It bears the name "Kitty"; and it's usually interlinked with cats. Sanrio, IF she is indeed not a cat, then it should not come as a surprise to you that people of all ages would THINK that she is a cat.

Well... She has whiskers.
She has ears of a cat.
She doesn't have fingers.
She doesn't talk (and cats don't talk indeed)

She's just a cat that doesn't walk on all fours.

To say that she is in fact, a human girl, just sounds nonsensical to me. 
Does a human even look like that?!
*inserts astonished face here*

So.. can anyone tell me now..

Monday, 25 August 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Do you even have ANY idea AT ALL?!

So this ALS Ice bucket challenge has been taking the Internet by storm - Everywhere, I mean literally EVERYWHERE, people are doing it and TALKING about it.

But how MANY are actually doing it RIGHT?

By saying "doing it right", I do not mean the right way of pouring that bucket of ice water over your head.

It's the REAL purpose behind the cause.
I have seen so many videos, each with different versions, and most of them were mainly the same content - with the subject pouring the ice water over himself/herself, and ending off with a nomination of 3 names of his/her choice.


There is no explanation, no detail, no mentioning of the Cause in the video. (Not even in the description as well!)

It's basically just a video of a person looking silly and wasting ice cubes away while trying to maintain composure as he/she pours the freezing water on his/her own head.

In other words, this person is only doing it because it is a supposed "trend"; hence its deemed to be an "IN" thing. Heck, some did it without even knowing what the Cause is all about! Isn't that doing for the sake of doing it?
(And there were still some ignorant people who got all defensive and said "OH, didn't you check out those famous people who did it as well? Even Bill Gates and George Bush are doing it!")

Like Duh. 
*Rolls eyes*

Of course, not all are in favor of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I guess I am one of them.
While I feel that this is a good initiative to gain awareness of the disease and Cause itself, it does not really serve a monetary purpose. 

BUT it does serve a purpose if people can save the money that is used to purchase those ridiculous packets of Ice and DONATE them to charity.

Don't get me wrong, I am not implying that it is wrong to engage in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Well, I do admit it is working well in a viral manner. 

What's the purpose of posting a video bluntly and showing off to your friends that you have taken up their challenge?
Do you think everyone who VIEWS the video will know the message behind it if there isn't any information provided at all?!

Now here's a fact about the ALS disease:

There is no known cure for ALS
ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease (named after the renowned baseball player of the same name who was stricken with it in 1939), attacks a person's nerve cells and rapidly leads to total paralysis. The mind of someone diagnosed with it, however, remains sharp. 
The average lifespan is between two and five years from the time of diagnosis, although there is an approved drug that can prolong survival by a few months. It is quite rare, affecting approximately 30,000 people in the US.

P/S: I have no intention or means to offend anyone in particular with regards to this blog entry. This is definitely not targeted at anyone in particular. I just feel that people should actually know and UNDERSTAND the real purpose behind this Cause; and not doing for the sake of doing it.
It's easy to be a copycat and follow, but how much do you even know about the ALS disease in the first place?

Friday, 15 August 2014

My favorite food places in Singapore

People don't usually associate me with food (That's one of the reasons why I can't be a food blogger. LOL) as my petite size is always giving them the impression that I dislike eating.
Oh well.
Nonetheless, I do still enjoy going around different parts of Singapore and trying out inexpensive BUT delicious food.
I am going to share a few of my favorite food stalls that I patronized here in this post - Some of the photos pictured here are not taken by me (Credits to Google images); so they are for illustration purposes only.

It's coincidental that the food below are international-  Thailand, Italy, Philippines and Indonesia *laughs*

Disclaimer: The below opinions are based on my personal views and opinions. Trust me at your own risk! 

1) I LOVE Thai Food (Think Tom Yum and green curry. Mmmm... ...) It is not easy to find delicious ones in Singapore; but I managed to find a few that are to my ultimate liking!

Meet Mae Noi Thai Food.

Their chicken wings are superb! Piping hot and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy meat on the inside. You will find yourself yearning for more after every bite!

My recommended ones are definitely their Tom Yum and Green Curry. I have since introduced many friends and colleagues as well; and they are loving its authentic taste too! Prices are very much economical - less than SGD 5. 

Mae Noi Thai Food is located at Bugis Street, 3rd Storey. (It is situated in a very convenient location as well for shoppers!)

2) Italian Food - Saizeriya
I am actually quite surprised when I heard that not many people heard of this restaurant. High quality Italian food, cheap prices and atas ambiance - It is definitely a good find!
Prices start from $3.90 onwards. You will be surprised.

My personal favorites: Mushroom soup , Chicken Doria.

Address: 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179030

3) Indonesian Food - Ayam Penyet RIA

I have tasted Ayam Penyet RIA while I was in Johor and Singapore; and I have to admit that their Ayam Penyet tastes as good as it looks!
Bear in mind that the chilli is quite spicy though. (My favorite!) What's a good Ayam Penyet without real spicy chilli to go along with it?

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-26/26A Far East Plaza

4) Philippines food  - Jollibee

Initially, I thought this would be just another typical KFC. I mean, it did SMELL like KFC when I first stepped in. It was not until I tasted their chicken that I changed my mind almost immediately. Crunchy on the outside; SUPER tender and juicy meat that are undoubtedly well-cooked on the inside.
I am quite particular when it comes to chicken meat, and I have to say that this is on my Favorite list now!

Address: #06-048A, Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

10 Years Ago.. ...

I was reminiscing my childhood memories - for no whatsoever reason- one fine night and took a short trip down memory lane.

Somehow, it became a thought-provoking one as I realized how much the culture and behavior of humans have changed.
I have came up with a list of those that I could remember based on the generation I was from. No offence to anyone in particular, but I just thought some were pretty funny!
How much can you relate to the below points?

1) I make sure you pay!
10 Years Ago: Parents would tell the school/tuition teachers "Feel free to teach my kid a lesson if he/she does not pay attention! You can cane him/her ah!"

Now: "*screams* YOU DARE TO LAY A FINGER ON MY KID, I'LL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR IT! #*($#(*&$#!! *lodges a complaint to MOE*

10 Years Ago: *Teacher threw chalk, markers, ruler, whiteboard dusters at student who wasn't paying attention*

Now: *Student takes out camera phone secretly from pocket and records a video/take a snapshot of the teacher to post on STOMP*

3) When being Anti-Social becomes a trend... ...
10 Years Ago: *Students laughed and played gleefully with five stones, zero-points and hop-scotch (probably the better ones would be found playing with board games such as Snake & Ladder) during recess hours* Ah, such luxury of life... ...

Now: *Students take out iPhone, iPad, tablets and gets engrossed in their own virtual world while updating their Facebook statuses*

4) Let's go steady!
10 Years Ago: 
*Guy A is interested in Girl A*
Guy A: Eh, want to go steady or not?
Girl A: *smiles shyly* So you want to be my stead ah?
Guy A: Steady, lah!
-And they are official-

*Guy A sends relationship request to Girl A*
*Girl A accepts relationship request*
*Latest Facebook update: Guy A is in a relationship with Girl A*
-And they are official-

5) When long letters become an instant message
10 Years Ago:
*Students wrote long letters on fanciful-looking papers and passed them to each other during available hours* Oh! The thrill of receiving letters and the anticipation to read them!

Now: *Students take out mobile phones and send instant messages using Chat applications*

6) My World and Yours are Different

10 Years Ago:
*Students talked their hearts out and gave full attention to one another while treasuring every moment they could*

Now: *Students take out their mobile phones and get engrossed in each of their separate world while still seated together*

7) Friends Forever!
10 Years Ago:
*Students bought different colored strings/threads to sell and made friendship bands* Aww, the sweetness of friendship...

Now: Let's have some Rainbow loom fun!

8) Write my diary!
10 Years Ago:
*Students passed a diary book to one another and requested friends to write in their diary using different colored pens*

*Anticipates a Facebook Wall post*

9) It's music!
10 Years Ago:
*Students showed off their Discman and listened to music with a CD loaded in it*

Now:  *Students log onto Youtube using their mobile phones and start surfing away*

10) Growing up...
10 Years Ago: (Okay, not really 10 years ago)


Okay, just to end this entry on a funny note. 
Happy Holiday, folks!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

RIP MH17...

After reading and knowing so much about the recent Malaysia Airlines (MH17) crash, I can't help but feel emotional over the fragility of life. 

Who would have thought, one who was so much alive a day before would have his/her life taken away just like this...

I came across different online reports that showed the social media accounts belonging to MH17 passengers. I had mixed feelings while looking at those images that became so haunting... ...
(Yes, the fact that THAT particular image is the last photograph ever taken...)

And there's even a video taken before plane departure:

Imagine those loved ones whom the victims left behind; I am sure the emotional pain is beyond any imagination.

This may sound silly, but I do have slight phobia of taking planes (especially after the MH370 incident) and I'm afraid that this phobia isn't going away anytime for now.